What Are the Cheapest Online RN to BSN Programs?

If you are looking to find the cheapest online RN to BSN programs, you already know that not having to commute back and forth to a local campus is going to save you a whole lot of drive time. Besides that, nearby schools are unlikely to be your least expensive option, and with the skyrocketing prices at the pump, you are guaranteed to save money on gas, not to mention the extra miles on your vehicle. Saving time and money are two great benefits to an online degree, but there are many others. You get to continue working and earning at your current job, and you get to work toward your degree around your schedule from the comfort of your home. Most online RN to BSN nursing programs offer “asynchronous” courses, which means that there are no scheduled class times. You can complete your course work when it’s most convenient for you

How to Find the Cheapest Online RN to BSN programs

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Be thorough as you evaluate your options in a best affordable online RN to BSN program.

There are a number of important components to consider when it comes to finding the right online RN to BSN program for you. Not paying more than we have to is surely important, but when it comes to deciding on an online program, you want to find one with a high national ranking, and one that is fully accredited by a reputable nursing organization, such as the Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Indiana State University offers just such an online nursing program. Consistently ranked among the top ten online nursing RN to BSN programs in the nation, ISU is fully accredited by the CCNE, and depending on the number of courses taken, it can cost as little as $274 per credit. Another affordable choice is the University of Texas at Arlington, which offers a 13 month, 35 credit hour program for $8,995 or just $257 per credit. The RN to BSN Outreach Initative at Ohio University is another online program that meets all the necessary critieria, and costs only $240 per credit for Ohio residents and just $243 per credit for out of state students.

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Financial Aid for Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

Would you like to save even more money? The good news is that financial aid is available to nursing students enrolled in an online RN to BSN degree program. Registered nurses planning to upgrade their credentials to the baccalaureate level can submit an online Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) just like any other college student. More than 5 million undergraduate students received need based Federal Pell Grants last year. Are you willing to finance your online program? The U.S. Department of Education offers low interest Federal Student loans to qualified applicants, including students in online RN to BSN degree programs. Don’t forget that many hospitals offer financial assistance to employees seeking to advance their education in the form of low interest loans, scholarships, hospital grants and work/study programs. Check with your current employer to see whether assistance is available.

Resources on Cheap and Affordable RN to BSN Degrees