What are the best cheap online RN to BSN degree programs?

best cheap online rn to bsn degree program
Do Your Homework to Find the Best Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

As a registered nurse, upward mobility in your career can be hard to achieve but thankfully, there are plentiful cheap online RN to BSN degree programs out there that can close the gap in your education. An online RS to BSN program allows registered nurses the opportunity to get a Bachelors in Nursing; allowing them to move into other careers including administrative and teaching positions that would otherwise not be available with just a basic nursing certification. When deciding whether to choose an online or a traditional on campus program, certain things have to be taken into consideration. Online schools are incredibly flexible, with degrees being able to be completed in shorter or longer periods of times as opposed to an on campus university. As well as the flexibility allowing students to juggle work life and school life, online schools typically cost less as there is less upfront cost to the institution.

How To Find The Best Affordable Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

When looking for an online program, potential candidates want to look for three things: accreditation, national ranking, and reputation. Accreditation is a validity certification given out by accreditation commissions that certify a school is valid and their degree works out in the field. Getting a degree at an non-accredited school will not be worth anything, so this is important to keep in mind when looking for schools. The second thing is national ranking. These change every year, so it’s best to keep in touch with the national ranking institutions such as US News and World Report. Lastly, reputation is something to consider. Your degree can be looked down upon if you choose a university that isn’t reputable or has a bad name in the industry. This is why it’s important to do your own research about schools before applying. Three are three good schools to start your search. All of these schools are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education(CCNE). Drexel University Online is ranked top 3 nationally by US News and World Report and has relatively low tuition costs at approximately 569$ per credit hour. Sacred Heart University has hosted an RN to BSN program for over 30 years and costs approximately 570$ per credit hour. Finally, ASU online is a good choice because of the reputation of the university and the lower cost of $442 per credit hour.

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Financial Aid for Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

Financial aid is available for most programs. These include anything from student loans to work programs. For example, Drexel will discount your tuition if you work with an organization within their network. You can also apply for programs such as FAFSA for federal help in paying your tuition if you meet eligibility requirements. With the advent of the internet, there has never been a better time to look for cheap online RN to BSN degree programs.

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