Can you do a cheap RN to BSN online?

rn to bsn online
Can you do an affordable RN to BSN online?”

Finding a cheap RN to BSN online program is a great alternative to traditional campus-based programs. The major differences between online RN to BSN programs and campus options is there is no travel time to and from school, students can usually work at their own pace, and there is no face-to-face interaction. Students have the ability to schedule their courses according to their schedule and complete coursework when it is convenient. While there is no actual face-to-face contact, many online programs feature multimedia presentations and a variety of tools for interaction and support. Another difference is many institutions that offer online programs do not charge out-of-state tuition.

Resources on Cheap and Affordable RN to BSN Programs

Online RN to BSN programs are just as rigorous and require the same time commitment as their campus counterparts. RN to BSN online programs provide students with many benefits, such as the convenience and flexibility of completing coursework at any time of day. Nurses who complete these programs can advance in the field and pursue specialty positions, such as pediatric endocrinology nurses. Those with a BSN can also move up to higher level positions, such as head nurse or clinical nurse educators.

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How To Find Cheap Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

When looking for an online RN to BSN program nurses should only consider schools that are accredited to make sure that they meet specific standards to offer high quality academic programs. The ranking of an institution is also a helpful aspect and many publications rank colleges and universities based on various characteristics, like retention rate and quality of programs. Important components to consider when looking specifically for online to RN to BSN degree programs are coursework, features of the online platform, and if there are any clinical requirements. Examples of top schools that offer high quality online RN to BSN degree programs that are also inexpensive include the University of Wyoming and Colorado Technical University. The University of Wyoming offers an RN to BSN program that is $106 per credit hour. The program has no campus requirements and there are no clinical components. The program can be completed in as little as one year. The tuition costs at Kaplan University are $315 per credit hour. Colorado Technical University offers courses at $305 per credit hour. The program can be completed in as little as 22 months of continuous enrollment.

Financial Aid for Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

Majority of schools that offer online RN to BSN degree programs enable students to receive the same financial aid as those enrolled in campus-based programs. Examples of financial aid include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Stafford Loans. Students must still meet the eligibility requirements, such as being a U.S. citizen and not in default on a previous federal student loan or grant. Students must submit the FAFSA form to apply for any type of financial aid. Additionally, there are scholarships available for those enrolled in online RN to BSN programs, such as the Nursing Education Scholarship. Individuals looking to advance their nursing education will find various options of cheap RN to BSN online.