5 Educational Technology Podcasts to Listen to Today

  • TEDTalks Education
  • The Ed Tech Crew Podcast
  • Teaching in Higher Ed
  • TechTalk4Teachers
  • Moving at the Speed of Creativity

No matter what area of education a person works in, listening to one or more of these top five educational technology podcasts are a good way to keep in touch with trends, innovations and fresh ideas. Technology plays an increasingly important role in education, and educators need to be adept at using it. These five educational technology podcasts are ideal for teachers, administrators, staff and other professionals who work in the educational system.

1. TEDTalks Education

TEDTalks Education is one of the most popular podcasts, and many of the episodes are about educational technology. The speakers change regularly, so listeners get to hear a fresh perspective each time they tune in. Some of the topics covered under the TEDTalks Education podcast include innovative ways to use technology in special education classrooms and how to engage children who do not have access to technology at home.

2. Ed Tech Crew Podcast

The Ed Tech Crew Podcast takes a look at issues associated with the use of technology in the classroom. Some of those issues include cost, teaching to the test and accessibility of technology. The Ed Tech Crew Podcast also explores topics such as how educators can help students who may be addicted to certain forms of technology, such as video games or apps on their smartphone. It is available on iTunes and Android.

3. Teaching in Higher Ed

Teaching in Higher Ed looks at gadgets for teaching and how apps could increase the productivity of the student as well as the instructor. Blended learning, connected learning and instructional methods are explored in the weekly episodes. The hosts also interview experts in digital literacy and education technology at the college and university levels. Although Teaching in Higher Ed is aimed at instructors and professors in the college and university environment, teachers in advanced placement, gifted classrooms and other environments may also benefit from the tips on digital literacy and the art and science of learning in the digital age.

4. TechTalk4Teachers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education jobs will grow by about nine percent between 2016 and 2026. Educators who are familiar with technology and adept at using it may have a better chance of getting the jobs of their choice. Teachers can learn about the newest technology, devices, apps and websites by listening to the TechTalk4Teachers podcast. The TechTalk4Teachers podcast features tips on how to use educational technology as a classroom tool rather than as a reward. Each podcast also includes a tech pick of the week, which could be an app, a website or a device.

5. Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Moving at the Speed of Creativity is a longstanding podcast. Since 2005, it has informed educators and related professionals about topics such as educational technology and digital literacy. It also explores how technology can enhance the teaching of history, science, math and other subjects at all ages and levels of learning. It is available on iTunes.

Each of these educational technology podcasts offers a glimpse at an experienced person’s way of thinking. Some of these podcasts also include amusing anecdotes that are highly relatable. Spending a few minutes each day listening to an episode of one of these five educational technology podcasts is a good way to get ideas for classroom and community engagement.

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