5 Career Options in Educational Technology

  • Educational Software Designer
  • Educational Technology Trainer
  • Technology Teacher
  • Media Specialist
  • Educational Technologist

It is no secret that technology is taking charge in our modern society and educational technology is an active part of this. We pay electronically, we communicate digitally, we learn and work remotely. Kids as young as kindergarten-age now have the opportunity to complete their educations online, and even those who attend traditional schools are required to use technology in the classroom and at home. Educational technology is, therefore, a growing field of study, and here are five of the career options it leads to.

1. Educational Software Designer

Teachers of every grade level are using educational software daily. They use it to create lesson plans, complete grading, communicate with parents and the school district, and track attendance. Many in-class and homework assignments involve student use of educational software. Someone has to design all of these programs, and an educational technology degree program will prepare you to do just that.

2. Educational Technology Trainer

Learning to use the latest educational software is not an easy feat for teachers and administrators. This is especially true of the veterans who came of age using blackboards, papers, and pencils. Someone who understands the software inside and out goes into schools to provide s faculty and staff with thorough training, not only when they first begin using the software, but also every time the software is updated. Educational technology majors graduate with the perfect skill set for this job.

3. Technology Teachers

Due to the rise of technology, students now must complete various technology courses to pass through the public school system. Who better to teach those classes than a person who majored in the specific combination of education and technology? All it takes is an additional teaching credential. Earn a master’s degree and you can use your educational technology background to teach technology courses at the college level.

4. Media Specialists

At the end of the day, schools are businesses. Preschools through high schools must convince parents to send their children to them over the other school across town. Colleges and universities compete for applicants. In this day and age, digital advertising reaches the largest audience. Schools require media specialists who are experts in both education and technology, making this a perfect career for educational technology graduates. Forbes highlights how education and technology are fusing and how this plays out in the media.

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5. Educational Technologist

Educational technologist sounds like the most obvious career choice for educational technology majors. These individuals are responsible for testing and fixing the educational software and hardware used by schools, teachers, and students. They are like mechanics for the education system. This is a great career for those who like to work with their hands as well as their brains.

It is impossible to imagine the world without education or technology. Each is a strong presence in society on its own, and they are becoming an even stronger combined force. It is nearly impossible to succeed in today’s society without a solid education and a foundation in technology. Educational technology career options such as these five will therefore only continue to grow in quantity and necessity.

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