HR Interview Prep Tips

  • Research The Company
  • Dress Nicely
  • Prepare Questions
  • Have Key Selling Points
  • Have Answers For Red Flags

Preparing for a human resources job interview at any level is quite intimidating. Fortunately, there are many resources available, as well as helpful information, that will make the process easier. Consider these five tips for preparing for an HR job interview.

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1. Research The Company

Candidates should always do thorough research on a company once they have been called in to interview if they didn’t do so before sending in their application. This research will help candidates understand the position, the status of the company, its culture, more about their interviewer and other important details that will help them do better in the interview. Having done research beforehand will be looked upon favorably by most hiring managers because candidates will have shown their preparedness and seriousness about the role.

2. Dress Nicely

This is an important part of preparation for an interview no matter the career field. Candidates do not want to show up to an interview dressed too casually or disorderly. While some companies have extremely laid-back dress codes, it is always better to be more formal than less. This is why researching the company, as outlined above, is so important. Suits should be worn for most job interviews, and other aspects of the candidate’s appearance should be considered as well. This includes hair, nails, jewelry, scent and more.

3. Prepare Questions

Job interviews should not be an interrogation. Instead, they should play out more like a conversation. Interviewers like it when candidates come prepared with questions because it demonstrates their interest in the role and their commitment to ensuring the arrangement will be beneficial for both parties. Candidates must be sure to do research so they do not ask questions they could have easily found the answers to. Doing so will demonstrate unpreparedness. Consider asking questions such as why the position has come available, what advancement opportunities there may be in this role, what the job’s biggest challenges are, etc.

4. Have Key Selling Points

Interviewing with human resources, either for a different job or for a job in the human resources department specifically, might be more difficult than interviewing with managers from other departments. The reason for this is because human resource managers are very experienced in giving interviews and vetting candidates, so all interviewees should strive to do their absolute best. Candidates should consider and consolidate their key selling points before an interview so they have a strong focus on what professional skills and knowledge they can bring to this company. Candidates can use industry knowledge and information they have on the company to choose the key points they think am interviewer from human resources will be most interested in.

5. Have Answers For Red Flags

Candidates should come prepared to any human resources job interview with solid explanations for any red flags they know to be present on their resume. For example, being fired or a gap in employment are topics that are sure to come up in an interview. According to the U.S. News and World Report, when discussing why they were fired, candidates should be honest, stick to the facts and emphasize what was learned. Gaps in employment can be explained by things like trying out a new business venture or caring for a family member.

An interview for a job in human resources should be approached similarly to any other interview. With these preparation tips in mind, candidates will be in a good position to perform well in a human resources job interview.