Human Resources is essential when running a business of any sort. HR job duties vary from company to company but, broadly speaking, it is the responsibility of a human resources professional to interview potential candidates, hire and lay off employees, deal with leaves of absences, handle ongoing office issues, and so on. When it comes to HR jobs in social media, these positions do exist. They might not be as prevalent as elsewhere in the working world, but the world of social media is growing in popularity and there is a place for these jobs in this field. Let’s take a closer look at some of the various jobs and needs when it comes to HR and social media.

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Networking Websites

There are a variety of social media based websites that are used for networking purposes, such as LinkedIn. These websites assist professionals with connecting with one another and they act as a social platform to help people get in touch with one another as well as meet new people. From a human resources standpoint, there is staff that helps run these websites from a variety of levels. There are people who monitor the safety of the website. There are also people who monitor the content and membership. Of course, there will be fake accounts that need to be addressed and it will be important to have experienced internet safety professionals on board. It is the responsibility of an HR department to make sure appropriate people are placed into these positions.

Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter employ plenty of human resources employees. This staff takes the reigns when it comes to hiring staff to help run these companies and to find talent that will fill appropriate roles. Lately, there has been some drama surrounding Facebook and how it does business, how it shares information, etc. Human resources likely had a big role in watching how all of this played out and making sure everything was handled professionally and appropriately. Human resources isn’t just about hiring people and firing people. There is involvement from human resources when it comes to the overall image of a brand, or in this case, social media company/website.

If you have the desire to work in the field of human resources, it is important that you find a university that is going to provide you with the knowledge that you need out in the working world. There are a number of different human resources programs that you can enroll in and if you are interested in focusing on something like HR jobs in social media you can really focus your education to help you get ahead. Internships will help you get ahead of the game so once you have graduated and it is time to find a job in your desired field, you will have a competitive edge that sets you far apart from your competition.

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