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Degree Programs Offered at the University of Texas Dallas

The University of Texas Dallas appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Best Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online Degrees.

With more than 140 programs to choose from, the University of Texas Dallas allows students to study subjects that range from art to natural science. The university’s literature program focuses on the works created by writers over the years. It lets students study some of the classics and works they never heard of before. Another program features a major in arts, technology, and emerging communication. Students learn how to communicate and use different methods of communications. The University of Texas Dallas offers Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree programs with majors in areas that include business administration, marketing, management science, biology, physics, mechanical engineering, public affairs, and child learning and development.

Graduate students can choose from more than 50 degree programs also. The university offers a Master of Arts in Teaching program with an emphasis on science education. It can prepare students to work as teachers in Texas and get their licenses. A Master of Science in Chemistry program includes research opportunities for students. There is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that ranks as a top choice for Texas students because this program includes concentrations like project management, global leadership, and more. Grad students can choose other majors too, including actuarial science, telecommunications studies, computer engineering, applied sociology and justice administration, and leadership.

Criminology is one of the only majors offered by the university that includes options for undergrads and both graduate and doctoral students. Most of the doctoral programs offered by the University of Texas Dallas include a dissertation and teaching work. The university asks students to teach classes because many of them will work as professors later. They’ll also do research on a topic relating to their dissertations. Some of the majors open to doctoral students include the history of ideas, literature, visual and performing arts, audiology, political science, computer engineering, management science, physics and materials science and engineering.

About the University of Texas Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas is an institution of higher learning not affiliated with any of the colleges in the state with similar names. Three local men purchased a company in Dallas in 1941 and watched as it became one of the top defense contractors in the nation during World War II. To keep up with the demand after the war ended, they decided to establish a new university that would train students to work in the industry. Though classes met on another campus for several years, it became the University of Texas at Dallas in 1969 after the founders turned it over to the state. The university also uses the names UT Dallas and UTD.

UTD owned just one building for its first few years, which served as offices for teachers and classes for students. This would change during the early 1970s as the university established new buildings and watched its campus expand. Both ARWU and U.S. News and World Report now rank UT Dallas as one of the top 100 American colleges.

University of Texas Dallas Accreditation Details

UT Dallas has accreditation for some of its undergrad and graduate/doctoral degree programs, including those with a focus on audiology. The APA awarded UTD accreditation for its internship psychology program, which allows students to do hands-on work with patients in a clinical setting. It also has accreditation for its business, public affairs, computer science, and engineering programs. UTD has primary accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which is why the university can evaluate the transcripts provided by transfer students and give all incoming students financial aid.

University of Texas Dallas Application Requirements

Texas law states that any student who graduates within the top 10% of their high school classes will receive guaranteed acceptance to a local university. UTD will automatically accept any student who meets this requirement. Students must use the application available on the ApplyTexas website, which lets them log in and out to check on their decisions. The application allows students to upload both a resume and any letters of recommendation they want to submit, but that information is optional. UTD asks for an essay response based on the question stated on the application. The university charges a $50 application fee and has a priority deadline of January 15 for the fall semester. It pushes back this deadline to May first for those hoping to start in the spring semester.

Prospective UT Dallas graduate and doctoral students must use the university’s website and application rather than the ApplyTexas site. They usually need to submit both test scores and their transcripts too. The university will accept PDF versions of their transcripts, which students can submit online. Many programs require an official GRE score also. Other requirements may include letters of recommendation, an essay and/or a resume. UTD lets students submit all these documents online.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Incoming UTD students have the right to pay a variable or a guaranteed tuition rate. The variable rate can change each year and starts at $1,569 per credit hour for Texas residents. This increases to $4,444 per credit hour for any nonresident undergrad. Graduate students pay $1,518 per credit hour as a resident or $2,315 per credit hour as a nonresident. The university’s guaranteed tuition rate lets students pay the same rate for 12 full semesters and helps them avoid tuition increases. This rate ranges from $1,624 to $4,592 per credit hour for undergrads based on whether they are Texas residents or nonresidents. The guaranteed tuition rate for graduate students ranges from $1,571 for residents to $2,406 for nonresidents per credit hour. UT Dallas charges different rates based on whether students take five-week, eight-week or 11-week classes too.

These costs do not include the room and board fees that students face or the amounts they spend on their books. Financial aid packages can help students reduce the amount they owe but require that they apply for aid with the FAFSA. UTD graduate students get government loans and can work for their professors as research and teaching assistants. Undergrads can get state and federal grants, federal loans and aid from the university such as scholarships. The University of Texas Dallas recommends that students applying to any of its degree programs for the fall semester apply for financial aid in the spring.