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Pennsylvania State University – World Campus Online Degrees

Pennsylvania State University World Campus appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Best Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online Degrees.

Students who want to earn their degree online may want to consider attending Pennsylvania State University World Campus. Most of its degrees are available to earn online, though some do require students to attend a campus.

Those who attend the school can find a variety of online Bachelor’s degrees, including Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Art. They’re designed to prepare students for success regardless of the path or industry they choose. The college offers accounting, biobehavioral health, business, digital economics, and many more for the B.S. Those who would like a B.A. will find degrees such as digital journalism, economics, history, law and society, and many others. Students can also earn a nursing Bachelor’s degree.

The associate’s degree is another popular undergraduate degree program. Students will find many online degree options here, as well. These include business administration, human development, criminal justice, information sciences/technology, and others.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree may want to pursue a Master’s degree. They will find a variety of degrees available from Pennsylvania State University World Campus. These are also online degrees and can help students benefit their careers. Options can include accounting, applied statistics, data analytics, engineering management, finance, higher education, nursing, project management, and many others.

Students can also choose to earn their graduate certificate in a variety of programs (accounting, business analytics, and more), and then move to a Master’s degree in the same program. It can save time and apply the certificate credits to the degree. Students can also earn graduate certificates without planning to go to a Master’s degree. Certificates can include digital arts, diversity studies, financial planning, nursing forensics, nursing management, and weather forecasting, among others.

Those with a Master’s degree in Nursing can also choose to work on their doctoral degree in Nursing. With such, nurses can continue their practice and learn more about nursing and theory. While this is an online degree program, students will be expected to attend some in-person sessions and complete doctoral benchmarks, such as the comprehensive exam and qualifying exam.

About Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

Pennsylvania State University has offered distance learning for the past 125 years, though it launched its World Campus in 1998. With World Campus, students can earn their degree from Penn State completely online, and there are over 150 programs from which to choose.

Pennsylvania State University World Campus is the second largest Penn State campus system and has over 20,000 students enrolled. It offers accessible, online education to people who need something different than the traditional college experience. Students never have to worry about the curriculum, as it is taught by Penn State faculty. It just makes it easier for busy parents and full-time employees to get an education without having to sacrifice anything.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus Accreditation Details

Pennsylvania State University World Campus has been regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges/Schools. In most cases, regionally-accredited schools are more widely accepted, allowing credits to be transferred more easily.

While Penn State World Campus is accredited regardless of the program selected, it also carries additional accreditation for a variety of its programs. For example, the College of Business is also accredited by the AACBS (Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools). The Nursing College is accredited by the ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing). Students can learn more about specific program accreditation by visiting the website and going to their preferred program.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus Application Requirements

Applicants who already know that they want to apply to Pennsylvania State University World Campus can apply online on the school’s website. Those who aren’t sure if they want to apply or what program to enroll in can request more information on the website, as well.

Those who apply must complete the entire online application. Instead of requesting that an official high school transcript be sent to the University, applicants must submit a SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record). If they apply and are accepted to Penn State World Campus, he or she will then be required to send final, official high-school transcripts. However, the SRAR can be challenging to complete without a copy of the high school transcript. Applicants may want to request an unofficial one to complete the SRAR.

It is important that applicants know the program to which they’d like to apply. Those applying can always change their major later if necessary. Some programs do have prerequisites. Because the coursework is completed online, applicants will need a laptop or computer. They can find a list of technical requirements within their chosen program.

There are no application deadlines. However, those who apply after the current semester has begun will need to wait until the following semester to attend classes. Returning students will be reminded about semester deadlines with plenty of time to enroll in the next set of courses for their particular program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates at Pennsylvania State University World Campus can vary widely depending on the student’s chosen program and major. However, undergraduates can expect to pay about $555 per credit while graduates can expect to pay anywhere from $886 to 1,185 per credit. Technology fees are also required and automatically added to the bill each semester.

Students who want to take more than 12 credits each semester pay a flat rate of $6,742 for undergraduate programs and about $10,000 for graduate programs.

Financial aid is available to full- and part-time students. It is encouraged to apply regardless of whether the student believes they qualify. To apply for federal financial aid, students must submit their FAFSA form. With this form, students are also qualified to receive appropriate scholarships from Pennsylvania State University World Campus and other organizations.