Degree Programs Offered at New England College

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New England College offers online and on-campus programs for students. It refers to all on-campus programs as traditional degree programs. The college’s creative writing program features classes that teach students how to develop characters and scenes. They’ll also critique stories written by others and submit their work for evaluation. The college offers an environmental science and sustainability major that focuses on the dangers facing the environment and how scientists can protect the environment. Other traditional majors at the college include education, psychology, sport and recreation management, criminal justice and game and digital media design.

Online undergrads can choose between 11 associate degree programs. Most of these programs give students the basic understanding that they need to address the same subjects at the bachelor’s level. Those majors include sociology, psychology, liberal studies, fire science administration, healthcare administration, and accounting. The college offers a healthcare administration bachelor’s program that looks at the factors facing administrators today, including human resources management and healthcare laws. Some of the other majors available for bachelor’s students include accounting, media studies, business administration, cybersecurity, and homeland security and emergency management.

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies at New England College offers 11 traditional degree programs too. Students in the teacher certification track can become licensed teachers. The college offers concentrations in elementary education, special education, life sciences, English, math, and other areas. Creative writing majors can also select from different concentrations, including fiction and non-fiction. New England College also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an option for executives. Though they can take classes on the college’s campus, they can take classes that work around their schedules.

Online degree programs give graduate students a lot of flexibility too. One of the eight programs available is in professional writing. Students learn how to create content and edit their work before showing it to others. They can major in education and pick a focus area from options that include school climate leadership, special education, alternative education, and literacy: reading and education arts. Students with little to no business experience can earn an MBA through the college. Some of the emphasis areas available to them include digital marketing, healthcare administration, project management, and sport and recreation management.

About New England College

New England College is a private college nicknamed NEC. Due to the number of soldiers who received GI Bill benefits after World War II, a number of new schools opened across the country. NEC opened in New Hampshire because the state did not have any colleges that catered to those students. Some of the programs now offered emphasize the importance of practical and hands-on learning. Students have the chance to do co-ops and internships in their fields of study and to spend a full semester or more overseas in a study abroad program. The NEC campus is less than 30 minutes from Hartford and roughly 90 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts. More than 2,700 students now attend NEC, with many of those students choosing to earn their degrees online.

New England College Accreditation Details

Though NEC lacks program accreditation, it has institutional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). That accreditation comes from the organization’s Commission on Institutions of Higher Learning (CIHL). NEC allows students who earned credits through AP and similar programs in high school and those who already attended college to transfer their credits into a program they choose. NEASC accreditation also allows students to get federal financial aid and aid from the state government.

New England College Application Requirements

NEC admission events make it easy for future students to learn about the college and its campus. Though some events take place on the campus, the college also participates in events held by high schools across the country. Prospective students can also schedule a campus visit. NEC has the same application requirements for all undergrads. As the college is test optional, students only need to submit an ACT/SAT score if they think that score will set them apart from the field. NEC just asks that students submit a transcript and the application. It has a rolling admissions policy and no deadline. Students will receive an answer in just two weeks and get information on applying for scholarships and other financial aid. The college’s rolling admissions policy allows online and traditional students to start in the fall, spring or summer.

Graduate students applying to NEC must also use an application, though their applications include a section that asks about the professional and other experiences they have in the field. Most of the programs do not ask for letters of recommendation, though some may ask for professional and/or academic references. All programs require official transcripts, and many also ask for a resume. NEC maintains a list of the application requirements that each program has, which makes it easy for students to view what they need to do before they even look at the application.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for NEC undergrads is $37,490 a year. Undergrads who do not have health insurance must buy it from the college for an additional fee of $1,600 a semester. The insurance plans allow students to get emergency help and visit doctors when needed. There are also fees that students pay for around $1,200 a year. Students also pay an average of $7,085 a year for room and board, though these rates can change based on the packages that they choose. The graduate programs offered by the college charge rates of $425 to $685 per credit hour. Though some programs do not charge any fees, others charge fees of up to $420 per semester.

Incoming NEC students and those returning to the college can apply for financial aid. When they use the FAFSA, the college will receive a copy and decide what financial aid to award the student based on the family contribution and the cost of attendance shown on that form. Loans, grants, work-study, and scholarships are some of the different types of aid awarded to students. They can use the online system to check on the status of their aid packages and to accept the awards given to them. All the degree programs at New England College include financial aid opportunities for students.