Degree Programs at Missouri State University

Missouri State University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Best Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online Degrees.

Missouri State University awards more than 4,000 degrees every year. Students can major in more than 40 programs at the graduate level and more than 100 at the undergrad level. Many of these programs include different options for students too. Those majoring in American Studies can focus solely on different areas of America or focus on the history of the country. Its special education program includes other options too. Students can focus on blindness and low vision studies to learn more about working with those who have visual impairments.

The School of Nursing at Missouri State University offers a unique BSN to DNP program. While other colleges offer BSN to MSN programs, this program allows students to transition from a bachelor’s to a doctoral program. They can do fieldwork and complete a dissertation as they work towards their degrees. Some of the other bachelor’s programs available for students today include majors in biology, community and regional planning, business and acting. The university also offers some certificate programs for undergrads.

Graduate students can study applied behavior analysis and learn how to work with clients diagnosed with autism or any similar disorder. This program includes a practicum that requires some fieldwork. Another program that includes practicum work is its counseling program. Graduates can get their Missouri counseling licenses after finishing their studies and passing an exam. It qualifies them to work with those suffering from mental health conditions and those with drug addictions.

Students with a passion for writing can earn a graduate degree from the university with an emphasis in technical and professional writing or rhetoric and composition. Those in the first track will learn how to write content for others, while those in the second track can learn about writing fiction pieces. Multiple teaching programs are also available in fields such as teaching English to speakers of other languages, special education or teaching and leadership. Missouri State University also offers education programs that can help students get their credentials or licenses to teach in Missouri and in other states.

The online Master of Science in Project Management is accredited by the PMI (Project Management Institute) Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education.  It offers either a seminar option or a thesis option for students.  The seminar option requires 36 hours of credit to be completed, while the thesis option requires 33 credit hours.

About Missouri State University

Established in 1905, Missouri State University is the second biggest school in Missouri. First called the Fourth District Normal School, it offered programs for public school teachers and those who want to teach in those schools. As it narrowed its focus down to regional education, it changed its name to the Southwest Missouri State’s Teachers College. It also served as Southwest Missouri State and Southwest Missouri State University before becoming Missouri State University. Now called Mo State and MSU, it accepts students from all around the world.

Many of its more popular degree programs are available through the MO College of Business. This college has a strong reputation for both its course offerings and for its sheer size, which makes it one of the largest in the region. Mo State launched the OurPromise program to raise more money for students. Some of the funds raised will go to its scholarships, but other funds will help bring more modern amenities and buildings to its campus. More than 24,000 students attend MO State every year.

Missouri State University Accreditation Details

MO State has regional accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS), which is also its institutional accreditation. This is what allows the university to grant degrees to its graduates and to get financial aid for its students. Regional accreditation also allows MO State to grant admissions to transfer students and to let them use their credits in one of its programs. Some of the degree programs at this university that also have accreditation include programs in nursing, music, nutrition, and education.

Missouri State University Application Requirements

MO State allows students to request more information about its admissions policy or about any of its degree programs before they apply. Undergrads should apply early in the year, especially if they want to get financial aid such as scholarships. The university will look at the student’s class rank and his or her test scores and grades. It also requires that students complete the Missouri common core, which includes math, life science, social studies, and English classes as well as some electives. Those who graduate within the 75th percentile and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher only need to score 17 on the ACT or 920 on the SAT. Students need to have a higher test score if they also have a lower GPA and/or a lower class rank.

Undergrads should submit the MO State application and pay its $35 fee or apply for a fee waiver. They can then submit the required transcripts and test scores. The university has a priority deadline of January 15. Though graduate students will also pay a fee and submit an application, they will face some other requirements too. They typically need to supply an official GMAT or GRE score and transcripts from their former colleges. Select programs may have even more requirements, including asking for references or letters of recommendation, a writing sample or a personal essay or goals statement.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Missouri residents pay $7,367 per year to attend MSU. They can take up to 15 credits each semester for a total of 30 credits every year for this amount. Nonresidents pay this same rate and a nonresident fee of $8,755 per year. Books, supplies and room and board can add around $10,000 to their annual costs. Graduate students pay $6,038 each year as a Missouri resident an extra $11,899 per year as a nonresident. These students can take nine credits each semester for the same price.

MO State will automatically give students who meet some requirements a scholarship. These scholarships range from $2,000 to $5,000 and base the amount that they receive on their test scores and GPA. Students who are nonresidents may qualify for a scholarship that covers some of their tuition and brings their costs down to the same rate that residents pay. These students can get an academic scholarship too. Incoming students who use the FAFSA can get some of the more standard types of aid too such as grants and at least one loan. Missouri State University offers a few scholarships and other financial aid options for select majors in some of academic programs also.