Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University welcomes more than 20,000 students each academic year. While most of these attend classes on the main campus in Starkville, a growing number of attendees are choosing to learn online. Students may choose from more than 80 majors at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. As a high-ranking research university with an excellent reputation in many diverse disciplines, MSU is an outstanding choice for students regardless of their area of interest. Mississippi State University is also recognized as offering an affordable education, making it the college of choice for students seeking tremendous value for their money.

MSU’s history extends back to 1878 when it was known as The Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi. While the institution’s focus may have been on the agricultural and mechanical arts, it also provided room for emphasis in many other areas. In its first decades, the college expanded considerably. It had grown to include degrees in engineering, general science, business, and more by 1932. Graduate degree programs arrived in 1936 with doctoral degrees being instituted by 1951. Veterinary medicine, forestry resources and architecture, among others, also became a part of the offerings at MSU. Today the university offers more degree programs than ever and is the largest institution in the state.

Mississippi State University Accreditation Details

The overall institution has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This accreditation ensures students that they will receive a worthwhile, academically rigorous education regardless of which degree program they select. Moreover, MSU’s various colleges are accredited by other governing bodies. For instance, the distinguished engineering programs are approved by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.

Mississippi State Application Requirements

Freshman students are admitted after being graduated from high school and maintaining certain grade point averages. Admissions personnel also review SAT or ACT scores before making decisions. These students must complete an application, which is submitted with a mandatory fee. Official high school transcripts must also be included.

Prospective graduate students may complete an online application form. Most students are required to submit test scores from the GRE or GMAT. However, it’s important to consult the requirements for the specific degree program to determine what is required. Three letters of recommendation must be submitted with the application in addition to a non-refundable fee. A Statement of Purpose and official college transcripts are similarly necessary. The application process is the same for on-campus and distance education students.

Tuition and Financial Aid

When students learn online at MSU they always pay the in-state tuition rate. Undergraduate and graduate students pay for tuition per credit hour. At the graduate level students can expect to pay approximately $630 per credit hour. This includes approximately $400 for tuition, $200 for the distance learning fee and $25 for instructional support. Financial aid is available for qualified students. MSU’s Office of Financial Aid can provide additional details and assistance.

Online Degrees Available

MSU’s Bagley College of Engineering offers several prestigious online master’s degree programs. Each offers rigorous academic training that can be directly applied to professional endeavors. Credentials earned in MSU’s well-respected engineering college are viewed favorably by prospective employers. Graduates of these programs often go on to work for high-profile companies where they can expect to take on challenging, rewarding work. Most of the requirements for these programs are fulfilled online. However, students in some programs may be required to visit campus to defend their thesis or perform research projects.

The Aerospace Engineering Master of Science degree introduces students to concepts like fluid dynamics, flight mechanics, and design optimization. Students may also explore flight test engineering and structural mechanics. On-campus attendance may be necessary to complete research in facilities like the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, the low speed wind tunnel, and the blow down supersonic wind tunnel among others. Students use their learning and research to design, fabricate, and test aircraft.

Civil engineering is a popular online graduate degree program in which students delve into water resources, construction materials, environmental engineering, structures and transportation. Students in this program may have the opportunity to use various research facilities on campus that let them explore wind analysis, geotechnical engineering, and more. Graduates of the program help society build and maintain many of the systems and structures that people rely on every day. As a civil engineer, graduates may ensure that communities have access to clean water, help design safer roads, or assist with creating buildings that are more functional and energy efficient.

With a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering students gain valuable real-world experience through partnering with governmental agencies and various industries. Graduates of the program are suitably prepared to take on research, design, development, and consulting roles in the professional world. This program has the largest number of enrollees within the College of Engineering. Accordingly, competition to earn a spot in the program is typically fierce, but the educational experience is unsurpassed.

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree is supported by faculty members who are noted researchers in their field. Students closely work with advisers to craft a customized educational program that fulfills their individual goals. As with most graduate programs at MSU, students may choose a thesis or non-thesis option. Previous graduates have found employment with major corporations like Shell Oil, research laboratories, and in colleges across the country.

With the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program students can focus on research with the thesis option or choose the business and industry route where no thesis is required. In this program, students are introduced to concepts like industrial systems, human factors, manufacturing systems, and operations research. Students are required to select a concentration for this program.

Students may also select a Master of Engineering degree that does not follow a specific discipline. This approach allows students and advisers to craft an educational program that supports their unique interests and goals. This program does not have a core of required courses. Instead, students are largely free to select the courses that interest them in this interdisciplinary program.

MSU boasts a particularly distinguished College of Engineering. Their graduate degree programs are mainly offered online as well as on-campus, making it possible for more students to benefit from the quality instruction that is provided by Mississippi State University.

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