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Degree Programs Offered at Lasell College

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Though Lasell College is a small school, it offers more degree programs than some might think. Undergrads can choose from nearly 40 majors that include some unique options such as resort and casino management. This program prepares students for the challenges that they’ll face as they run casinos and similar resorts. The program includes many different business courses that address issues such as human resources principles and strategic management. In the college’s journalism and media writing program, students learn the basics of reporting and writing reports for different media outlets. Students can gain experience working for the college’s newspaper or entertainment stations too.

A similar major in entertainment media teaches students how to write reports for entertainment companies. The college offers three fashion majors too. Students in the fashion communication and promotion program learn how to communicate and promote new fashions, while those in the fashion design and production program learn how to produce and create fashions via their designs or the designs of others. The college also offers a fashion and retail merchandising major. Other majors available at Lasell College include fitness management, finance, law and public affairs, health science, athletic training and creative advertising.

Though the college only offers 12 degree programs for graduate students, many of those programs let students study what they want through the concentrations they select. The sport management program has concentrations in sport leadership, athletic administration, sport tourism and hospitality management and parks and recreation. Communications majors can choose concentrations in public relations, health communication or integrated marketing communication. There are various concentrations available for criminal justice majors too, including violence prevention and advocacy and emergency and crisis management. Other majors for Lasell College graduate students include marketing, education, athletic training, business administration, project management and general management.

About Lasell College

Lasell College is one of only 53 private colleges in Massachusetts. Located in the town of Auburndale, it opened in 1851 as the Auburndale Female Seminary. It was the only seminary in the state at the time that allowed women to receive the same education and training that male students did. Renamed Lasell Female Seminary in honor of its founder, the school would quickly become one of the top choices for young women. After becoming Lasell Seminary for Young Women in 1874, it changed its curriculum to include traditional college classes. This helped women receive more training and become better prepared for some of the careers open to them at the time. It also served as a junior college that offered two-year degree programs before becoming the four-year college that it is today.

Also called LC and Lasell, it has a large campus in Auburndale that offers more than 20 residence halls for students. Those dormitories give students the option of living on the LC campus with their peers. Every student who attends the college does at least one internship. The college encourages students to do internships and will help them find the right opportunities for them. LC and its campus have an intimate environment due to its enrollment of just 1,800 students.

Lasell College Accreditation Details

LC sought regional accreditation because it wanted students to feel confident that they could work in the field or enroll in graduate school and have all the skills they need. This accreditation, which also allows students to bring in and take out their credits and get financial aid, comes from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). LC also has accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHE).

Lasell College Application Requirements

The college has an early action deadline of November and will begin sending out decision letters by the first of December. It must receive an application and all other information by this deadline or it will move the student’s application to the standard deadline of December 15. Students also have the option of sending in an application later in the year and starting classes in the spring or summer. The requirements for undergrads include official transcripts, letters of recommendation from their teachers and counselors and a personal essay. Students must also interview with faculty members from the departments they want to study. Those faculty members will recommend the students they think will do the best in those programs. Students do not need to submit a standardized test score, though they have the option to do so.

Graduate students should check the requirements put in place by the programs and departments they want to study. They typically need at least an official college transcript and an LC application. The college gives priority to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Most programs ask for a goals statement of up to one page in length that details the goals they have for the future, both in school and in their careers. They may need to provide a resume that shows they have some professional experience in that field and a resume too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads pay LC $17,850 per semester or $35,700 per year for tuition. The college charges one comprehensive fee of $650 each semester too. Those who want to live on the LC campus will also pay $16,000 a year for their room and board. Part-time students pay a comprehensive fee of $350 per semester and $1,190 per credit hour. Those who take classes online during the winter and summer sessions pay only $400 per credit hour. Graduate students pay just $40 in fees each semester and a tuition rate of $600 per credit hour.

LC understands that many students have problems paying for college, which is why it offers a wide range of financial aid packages. Many of its students work for the college in different departments to earn money that they can use for some of their costs during the school year. LC ranks as one of the most affordable private colleges in Massachusetts. More than 80% of its undergrads receive financial aid, with the average aid package including more than $40,000 in funds. Students can get traditional loans and grants, but they can also apply for merit and need scholarships from the college itself. As soon as Lasell College receives an application and FAFSA, it will design a financial aid package for that student.