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George Washington University Degree Programs

George Washington University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Best Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online Degrees.

The George Washington University offers degree programs through 11 colleges and schools, including the School of Business and the College of Professional Studies. Undergrads can choose from several options such as American Studies, which is a program that focuses on the culture and history of the United States. Students have the option of doing volunteer work and internships as well as independent study projects and study abroad trips. The archaeology program is a popular choice for undergrads because it includes many opportunities for them to do fieldwork in the US and abroad.

Some of the top programs offered by the university are its options in business and political science. The location of the campus to Capitol Hill and other parts of Washington DC makes it easy for students to find internships with politicians and gain political experience. They also have the chance to work for senators across the country and in their home cities and states. Students also like the university’s peace studies and photojournalism programs that offer other opportunities for fieldwork.

Graduate students attending George Washington University can choose from more than 100 degree programs too. The university offers a biomedical science graduate program with concentrations in cancer biology, neuroscience, and other areas. In the autism spectrum disorders program, students learn the basics of applied behavior analysis, including how to diagnose autism and related disorders and how to treat those disorders. The clinical research administration program gives students the chance to do research work while they also learn how to run research labs and other clinical facilities. George Washington University also offers one of the nation’s only graduate programs in decorative arts and design history.

Online graduate degrees are offered in law firm management, LGBT policy, project management, health care quality, regulatory affairs, engineering, and myriad other fields.

About George Washington University

George Washington University is one of the oldest private university campuses in the Washington DC area. The United State Congress granted a charter to the school in 1821, which led to the campus opening and offering programs in arts and sciences. It would later add a school of medicine and slowly add more programs to its curriculum in law, engineering, design, public affairs, education, and business. Some of the oldest buildings on its campus served as hospitals and training centers during the Civil War. Other buildings on its main campus are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Also called GW and GWU, it has the official name of The George Washington University and pays homage to the first President of the United States. The Princeton Review included GW within the top 10 of all national colleges in terms of most politically active students, largest dorm rooms and schools with the best study abroad programs. US News and World Report ranked the GW business program as the country’s 38th best, its graduate business program within the top 51 in the nation and ranked the university itself on national and global levels.

George Washington University Accreditation Details

Institutions of higher learning today can have both specialty and regional accreditation. Specialty accreditation means that one or more of its degree programs in a specific field have accreditation from a professional organization. Regional accreditation instead applies to the university itself. It is what lets students use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before classes start to get financial aid and what allows them to transfer credits when they enroll in a new college or university. GWU has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and specialty accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA), the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and other professional organizations.

George Washington University Application Requirements

GW is a test-optional university, which means that it allows students to submit a test score or submit an application without a test score. Those who think their scores will set them apart from others and help them qualify for a spot in the university should submit their scores. They will also need to submit an official application, which is available on the web and includes a personal essay section. GW encourages students to submit letters of recommendation from their former and current teachers that explain why they would be a good fit for the university. Students can list both their future majors on the application and a secondary area they would like to study. The university reserves the right to accept students without accepting them into the programs they listed first.

At the graduate level, students will also need to submit an application. The application asks them to select the programs they want to study from the main menu and view all the information and documents required of those programs. Students need to submit their transcripts but can submit electronic documents over the internet or ask their schools to mail official copies to GW. They also need to request that their references write letters of recommendation for them and send them to the university. Other requirements for graduate students may include a personal statement and/or a graduate entrance exam score.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The main GW campus charges one rate for all undergrads, even if they come from outside of Washington DC. Those students pay $56,845 each year for tuition. With the cost of all fees, room and board and miscellaneous expenses factored in, they pay more than $75,500 a year. Though online students pay less for their classes, they will also pay fees of $70 or more for each course they take. Graduate students pay $15,885 per semester for full-time enrollment or $10,590 per semester for part-time enrollment. Full-time students take at least nine credits of classes, while part-time students take only six credit hours of classes.

One of the ways students can pay their expenses is through the Federal Work-Study Program, which gives students positions where they can work on the GW campus and for organizations or companies near the campus. Students only qualify for this program when they submit the FAFSA, which will also help them get other forms of assistance, including scholarships, loans, and grants. The institutional scholarships offered by the university go to students who demonstrate strong athletic or performance talents and those with high need or merit shown on their applications and the FAFSA. George Washington University typically sends out financial aid award letters a few weeks after it receives and processes a student’s FAFSA.