Degrees Available at Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Best Most Affordable Master’s in Project Management Online Degrees.

Elmhurst College offers a range of degree programs for students who want to take classes close to Chicago. There are 15 pre-professional programs available that can help students make the transition to medical school or another professional school and more than 60 majors for undergrads. Jazz studies majors learn about the history of jazz music and the top musicians as they perform and work on their skills. Multimedia journalism majors approach the world of writing and focus on how they can create content for different sources, including traditional news reports and websites. The college offers two nursing programs too: one for students who already have a license and one for students who want to obtain a license. Some of the other majors at the college include elementary education, geographic information systems, physical education, philosophy, urban studies, art education, and environmental studies.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Elmhurst College includes both a full-time and a part-time option. In the part-time track, students have access to online classes. The project management and supply chain management programs can help students gain more business experience too. Several healthcare programs are available from the college, including a nursing practice program and one in communication science and disorders. Elmhurst College also offers several education programs. One helps teachers get an English as a second language teaching endorsement, while another lets students study early childhood education. Geographic information systems and computer information science are other majors available for grad students.

Students attending Elmhurst College can also enroll in programs that help them finish the degrees they started elsewhere. They can transfer most or all of their past credits into a new program and graduate in two years or less. There are also programs that help students earn certificates that can go along with their degrees. Undergrads can choose from geographic information systems and cybersecurity certificates. Graduate students can earn eight certificates from the college, including some online options. There is a network administration program for those who want to oversee computer networks and a human geography AP program for teachers who want to work with advanced students.

About Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College is a private college with a liberal arts background. Established in 1871, it has an affiliation with the United Church of Christ and is in Elmhurst, Illinois, which is just a short drive from downtown Chicago. The college announced in 2019 that it gained university status and would change its name to Elmhurst University in June of 2020. Elmhurst has a strong reputation for the college’s and its students’ activism. Not only do students participate in a number of social justice organizations, but the college brought majors names from that field to speak on its campus. More than 3,300 students attend Elmhurst College, with several hundred enrolling each year.

Elmhurst College Accreditation Details

At Elmhurst College, any student in need of financial assistance can get aid when they file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). That application is available for any student attending a college or university with regional accreditation, which Elmhurst has from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This is the same accreditation that gives students the choice of bringing credits to Elmhurst and taking their earned credits to another school. The nursing, speech and language pathology and education programs available at the college have accreditation also.

Elmhurst College Application Requirements

The Office of Admissions at Elmhurst College offers an online information request form for students who want to learn more about applying to the college and getting financial aid. Students can meet with admissions counselors on the college’s campus or at one of the special events that they attend at area high schools and career fairs. Undergrads can apply for free online and submit their GED scores or high school transcripts over the web. They will also need to submit a score from the ACT or SAT. Elmhurst encourages students to submit a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor or teacher but does not require one.

At the graduate level, students can also apply for free. Most of the college’s programs have a priority deadline of July first. Only if the program did not fill its open spots will it keep looking at applications sent it after this deadline. Students must take the GRE within the last five years and submit a score that goes directly to the department responsible for their degree programs. They also need to provide a personal essay/statement, resume, official college transcripts and three letters of recommendation. Most programs also require that students take at least four classes that relate to their future graduate programs.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though Elmhurst College offers classes during the January term, it does not charge students for the classes that they take during that special term. It charges them $665 per credit hour for their summer classes and $809 per credit hour for any internships or study abroad programs that they do. Part-time students pay $1,065 per credit hour during the regular terms, while full-time students pay $37,454 per year. Full-time undergrads can also purchase a housing plan for $3,122 or more each semester, but they’ll also need to buy a meal plan that costs at least $4,266 each year. Graduate students pay between $490 and $870 per credit hour unless they enroll in certain programs. The college’s communication disorders, nursing, and occupational therapy programs charge between $30,000 and $33,000 per year.

Students who submit the FAFSA to Elmhurst will receive an award letter that shows them exactly how much they will get from all the different forms of financial aid given to them. Work-study allows students to work on the campus and in nearby locations and make more than they would working for other employers. There are jobs available for students who qualify for federal work-study and positions offered by the college. Scholarships based on merit and need are available for undergrads, but the college offers some scholarships for graduate students along with a few grant programs. Graduate fellowships are also available but require that students apply to a grad program and submit a fellowship application by May first. Elmhurst College makes sure that students receive their financial aid information before they begin any of the college’s degree programs.