Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University was initially built as a school for educating former members of the military in technical and vocational areas. Since its founding, the school has allowed tens of thousands of graduates to enter the work force in areas like information technology, business, and management. The school was granted university status in 1995 and was ranked number one by “Military Times” in a list of “Best for Vets” schools. The university’s main campus is located in Colorado Springs, and the school also maintains additional campuses in Denver and Aurora. Students may also complete their degrees through online study.

Colorado Technical University Accreditation Details

CTU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Some of the degrees at the school are also accredited by different accrediting bodies. For example, the school’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering are each accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Students who seek business degrees at CTU enjoy degrees accredited by ACBSP, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Colorado Technical Universal Application Requirements

Application requirements for applying to Colorado Technical University are similar to other colleges in that students must submit proof of a high school diploma to enroll in the school’s bachelor degree programs and proof of a bachelor’s degree to enroll in the school’s graduate degree programs. Some programs also require a resume or a personal essay, and students should investigate each program of interest to determine the full application requirements for enrollment. There are also different requirements that may come into play for various applications including military students, transfer students, international students, and anyone seeking re-entry to the university.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees at Colorado Technical University vary depending on the status of the student, as well as the degree level in which the student wishes to enroll. For example, a student seeking an Associate of Science in Business Administration would pay $325 per credit with 93 total program credits required for graduation. The total cost of the program would come to $30,225 in addition to a technology fee of $125 and a graduation fee of $150.

Alternatively, a student seeking a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration would also pay $325 per credit hour but would need to complete 180 credits to graduate. The total cost for the degree would come to $58,500. Most graduate degrees at CTU range from $17,760 to $28,080 and require somewhere between 48 and 52 credits to complete. Doctoral degrees available at CTU require 96 total program credits, cost $598 per credit hour, and come to a total of $57,408. Some students may also need to pay an additional symposium fee of $1,000.

Financial aid options at CTU are similar to other American universities in that students may submit a FAFSA form and receive student loans via the government’s official student loan program. Students may qualify for unsubsidized loans that gain interest while the student is in school or subsidized loans that don’t gain interest during school. Students may also seek out grants and scholarships to aid them in their quest for a degree at Colorado Technical University. Grants are available through the federal government as well as though various private groups that offer grants to students studying in specific fields.

Online Degrees Available

Colorado Technical University offers a wide selection of online degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels. Not only does the university offer many degrees through its online education portal, but it also offers some degrees that are only available as online degrees. Some of the online bachelor’s degree options at Colorado Technical University include Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, and Cyber Security. Graduate degrees available online at CTU include Accounting, Business Administration, Information Technology, Management, and Homeland Security.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

One of the popular programs at CTU is the Bachelor of Science in Accounting, which is a degree that can offer a student terrific opportunities for employment in virtually any state of the country. The program requires 183 total credits to complete, as well as a number of courses in general education and accounting core classes. Some of the accounting courses a student will take to complete the degree include Accounting I, Auditing Lab, Cost Accounting, and Global Managerial Economics. The program’s courses are aligned with the educational standards of AICPA, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

Another popular program at Colorado Technical University is the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security, which is available in Colorado Springs and Denver, as well as through online study. Students may focus in Computer Systems Security or Information Assurance, depending on their personal interest in the degree. Some of the classes a student will take in the program include Software Assurance, Computer Forensics I, and Cloud Computing, Privacy, and Security. Students interested in the Computer Systems Security concentration will also take Introduction to Homeland Security, Computer Architecture, and Problem Solving Concepts with Python.

One of the unique features of Colorado Technical University’s programs is that there are accelerated options that allow enrollees to complete their degree in 30 percent less time than a traditional degree. Not only can students reduce the number of months it takes to complete a degree, but they can also reduce their overall cost to attend school. A reduced timeline to complete a degree can help a student enter the workforce quickly, as well as help the student graduate with the lowest amount of student debt possible. A low amount of student debt can help the student enter the workforce with greater financial security and a shorter timeline to debt-free life where options for purchasing a home is possible shortly after graduation.

Students who are interested in online study and entering a program with accelerated study options should investigate the options at CTU. The degrees at the school are highly relevant to today’s workforce, so students interested in a career change or increase in income might want to explore the degrees available at CTU. Studying at Colorado Technical University is possible for students all over the country, and veterans of the armed services are encouraged to see how the school can provide a valuable education for future employment beyond active duty.