Degree Programs Available at American University

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American University offers degree programs for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The African American and African Diaspora Studies major is one of the more unique options available from the university. Students with an interest in one specific culture can also choose from majors such as Arab World Studies and American Studies. Most of these programs include a study abroad component that asks students to spend some time in a foreign country. Some of the other popular majors available at this university include economics, dance, foreign language and communication media, Russian studies and public health.

The 35 graduate degree programs that are available include majors in teaching and teaching English as a second language. While the first program helps students develop strong teaching skills and can help those who do not have a teaching license get one, the second program prepares students for teaching those who do not have a strong grasp on the language. Students in the social research and practice program learn how to conduct research into social issues and present their research. Two of the other popular majors are in creative writing and game design. The game design program includes courses on the design and creation of video and computer games, while the creative writing program includes classes on both writing and literature.

To meet the needs of working professionals, American University offers online degree programs and programs that include weekend and/or evening classes. Graduate students can study teaching, secondary education teaching, economics, agile project management, and nutrition online, but they can also study journalism or producing for film and video on the weekends. The 10 doctoral programs available from the university include online and weekend work too. One of these programs allows students to major in justice, law, and criminology. The other programs include options for those who want to study history, communications, economics, and other fields.

About American University

Located in Washington DC, American University is a private institution that has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church. John Fletcher Hurst worked for that Church and petitioned the government to establish a new university in the area. That school received its charter in 1892 but did not open as a university until 1914 due to problems securing funding. The American University is now on the site of the old Fort Gaines, which was a civil defense facility during the Civil War. That campus sits on more than 80 acres and is close to many historic structures in the region.

Known as a selective university, it ranks as the 78th best American college, according to U.S. News and World Report. Both Washington Monthly and Forbes also rank American among the best in the country. Many of the university’s programs include internship opportunities for students who want to work for the government agencies in Washington DC. There are also study abroad programs designed for those who want to study foreign languages and cultures. Though American University has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church, it does not require that students belong to that Church when they apply or take classes.

American University Accreditation Details

Students applying to American University who took college classes before can get credit for those courses because the university has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). MSCHE also helps the university meet one of the requirements for getting federal financial aid for its students. The American Bar Association and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) are just two of the organizations that awarded American accreditation for some of its degree programs.

American University Application Requirements

It is important that future American University graduate students look at the application and admissions requirements because most programs have specific requirements. Though most require a writing sample, the creative writing program asks students to either submit a short story of up to 25 pages or 12 samples of their poetry. Most programs will not accept writing samples that go beyond the maximum page limit. The priority deadline for graduate school applications is February 15, though students can apply after that deadline. There is no guarantee that the university will keep accepting applications beyond that date though. Students will also need to submit a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a resume. American University requires a completed online application and the payment of its application fee too.

Undergrads can submit their applications by November 15 to meet the university’s early decision deadline or they can use the standard deadline of January 15. Most of the students accepted by American had a weighted high school grade point average of at least 3.52 and a score of 1260/28 on the SAT/ACT. Students should submit the Common or the Coalition Application and both complete the essay on the application and pay the $75 fee. American also requires a teacher or counselor letter of recommendation and a secondary school report or transcript, though it gives students the option of sending their standardized test scores. Guidance counselors will also need to submit their students’ mid-year reports too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads attending American University on a part-time basis pay $1,635 per credit hour. The cost for full-time undergrads is $24,535 for those who take up to 17.5 credits and $26,170 for those who take 18 credits each semester. Full-time undergrads also pay $136 each semester for a Metro U-Pass, which gives them access to the campus. The other fees that undergrads pay total $273.50 per semester. Graduate students pay $1,759 per credit hour for their tuition and fees.

American University offers financial aid based on the need and merit of each individual student. More than 10% of its incoming students receive one of the university’s four merit awards. As long as students maintain a GPA of at least 3.2, they can renew their awards too. Other scholarships go to students who are the children of Methodist ministers and the children of parents who work for partner organizations. The FAFSA can help undergrads qualify for government loans and grants too. Graduate students can get more than $10,000 a year in loans and qualify for scholarships also. All students applying to the American University degree programs can get some financial aid to pay for their tuition and other expenses.