5 Great Resources to Prep for the GRE

  • POWERPREP Online
  • ETS Math Review and Math Conventions
  • Khan Academy Instructional Videos
  • The Economist GRE Word-a-Day App
  • Manhattan Prep Free GRE Starter Kit

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE are required for most students who are applying for graduate school; since GRE scores can affect everything from your chances for admission to the amount of funding you receive, it’s important to find the right sources for GRE prep. These resources are designed to help students prepare for the test and achieve high scores on the first try.


One of the best resources to prep for the GRE is POWERPREP Online. This system is developed and maintained by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is the organization that administers the GRE. POWERPREP Online is a set of test preview tools and online practice tests. Each one is designed to help show students what topics are covered by the actual test, learn what to expect in terms of the types of questions, and get familiar with the way the computerized test works. This is a valuable opportunity to experience the testing environment as it enables students to refine the strategies they plan to use to finish successfully. The preview tools and the first two practice tests are free; ETS also offers three additional tests in its POWERPREP PLUS package.

2. ETS Math Review and Math Conventions

For students who are struggling to prepare for the mathematics section of the test, the free math review and math conventions from ETS are useful GRE resources. The math review is a 100-page PDF that offers a basic refresher of the skills that are covered on the GRE. This is a great place to start for people who haven’t taken math classes in many years; it includes definitions, examples, and test problems. Math conventions are a second PDF that provides a deeper look at the quantitative reasoning section of the test. Covering topics such as geometry, data and statistics, and graphical representations of data, it helps test-takers take their preparation to the next level.

3. Khan Academy Instructional Videos

Khan Academy, a notable online educational company, offers a series of free instructional videos to help students get ready for math concepts on the GRE. The ETS website offers a link to each video; the links are separated by the concept for more efficient study. Each of the videos features a visual and audio explanation of the concept, often using a fun and entertaining premise. This is a great option for people who are visual learners. To reinforce the lesson, the videos also have links to a transcript and a discussion forum.

4. The Economist GRE Word-a-Day App

When it comes to the vocabulary section of the GRE, constant exposure is key. That’s why The Economist’s World-a-Day app is one of the most convenient GRE preparation resources. It sends out one vocabulary word every day, complete with a definition, synonyms, and a passage that shows the word in context. By splitting studying into smaller chunks, this app prevents students from feeling overwhelmed and makes it easier to commit the words to memory. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

5. Manhattan Prep Free GRE Starter Kit

The free GRE starter kit from Manhattan Prep contains a variety of preparatory materials, including a practice test, flashcards, and guides for setting up study plans. This kit also comes with an app that enables students to study whenever they have free time. People who like the Manhattan Prep method have the option to sign up for the company’s GRE prep courses, which provide personal attention and an in-depth, organized plan of action.

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With the right type of study and practice, it’s easier to get a great score on the GRE. These resources for GRE preparation are designed for efficient and effective study. That way, students can avoid retakes and spend less on testing fees.