Avoiding The GRE: 5 GRE-Free Graduate Programs Today

  • Master’s in Healthcare Administration
  • Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master’s of Cybersecurity
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems
  • Doctorate of Information Technology

The GRE is an often unavoidable component to graduate school completion these days. However, there is an increasing number of graduate programs that do not require the GRE at any point along the way. What are some of the best, GRE-free graduate programs out there right now? While not always GRE-free in every school, the following, five programs often can be completed at many schools without the need for the GRE.

1. Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Today’s Master’s in Healthcare Administration is not always accompanied by a GRE requirement. This degree itself is focused on teaching students the important administrative-managerial-clerical side of the healthcare world. Southern New Hampshire University is one example of a school running this graduate program without the call for a GRE.

2. Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice

For the criminal justice major, the Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice is a great graduate degree option that does not always require the GRE. One can become a true master of criminal justice without the GRE and do so at several schools today. Capella University is among the schools offering this type of program right now.

3. Master’s of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, per the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for the continuance of “daily life, economic vitality, and national security” among other, important guard points, and today’s master’s of cybersecurity teaches students what they need to become a vital part of this very force. While many schools do require a GRE with a cybersecurity grad program, a growing number do not. Strayer University is just one of several schools now not requiring the GRE in association with program fulfillment.

4. Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems

The Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems prepares students for a great career in information systems, the study of the use of organized, digital systems that manage information. This program also does this without a hard requirement for the GRE in many cases. Nova Southeastern University offers one such program.

5. Doctorate of Information Technology

Finally, the doctorate of information technology represents yet one more grad program absent from GRE requirements in many cases. Information technology itself, as described well by the experts at Investopedia, is a component of management information systems specifically set up to collect and transmit data. For a great educational opportunity in this area of study without the GRE, Capella University is just one, great choice.

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While the GRE is a necessity at some schools and in some graduate degree programs, in many others, it is not. These five graduate programs represent just a handful of the growing number today that do not require the GRE. In closure, for more information on which graduate programs require the GRE, all are highly recommended to inquire with their potential schools of attendance directly and in advance.