The Master’s in Leadership: 5 Career Options for Grads

  • Leadership Development Program Manager
  • Staff Officer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Consultant
  • Community Service Manager

The Master’s in Leadership is a great degree choice for those wanting to serve in a management or leadership role. What kinds of job opportunities come as a result of earning this particular degree? The following, five career options represent just a few of the opportunities afforded by the Master’s in Leadership today.

1. Leadership Development Program Manager

Leadership development program managers are professionals who work to instill leadership values and a leadership culture across the workforce of a company. These workers need to be organized and have great diplomatic and communication skills, and in doing so, often pass those qualities on to the workforce. Strong acumen for business goals and strategy is also helpful so the leadership development program manager is always instilling the exact direction that parallels overall company direction and strategy.

2. Staff Officer

There are numerous government agencies that rely greatly on the services of staff officers in order to keep staffing operations running smoothly. Primary functions of this role include building relationships inside and outside of the agency, assessing employees and planning roles and responsibilities accordingly, helping to manage various projects, and more. The National Security Agency, in particular, makes many staff officer hires each year.

3. Human Resource Manager

As a schooled expert on leadership, one can often be eligible to become a human resources manager. This manager directs the human resources functions of a company by overseeing that company’s HR department and workers therein. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry demand for human resource managers is expected to grow at an above-average rate of seven percent through the year 2028.

4. Consultant

Consultation is the act of providing professional advice and direction to a paying client. As a leadership degree grad, especially with some additional experience, one can become a consultant and either work for themselves or for a consultation company. Visit or distance-assess an organization’s goals and current situation, create a plan and help them to implement that plan along the way. Ultimately, a successful consultant helps make others succeed.

5. Community Service Manager

A community service manager is a professional who helps manage communities, community organizations, and social service programs of numerous types. Usually, these professionals can be found hard at work in government agencies or non-profit organizations performing these very responsibilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also cites this career as experiencing a remarkably high industry demand growth rate of 13 percent through 2028, so grads are certainly wise to check this one out.

For those seeking a career in leadership or management, there are many opportunities out there for making a real difference. The five job opportunities mentioned here represent just a small slice of the many options in this area of work. The Master’s of Leadership degree is one of the best ways in.

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