If you’ve wanted to earn an accounting degree for a while, there are several ways choosing an online college can help you reach your goal.

1. Multiple Term Start Dates

Have you considered going back to school for accounting, but procrastinated because the start of the next semester seemed so far away? You’re not alone. Choosing an online college that has numerous term start dates – beyond the traditional fall, spring and maybe summer semesters – means you don’t have to wait long to start your quest for a degree.

Southern New Hampshire University and the New England College of Business and Finance both start a new term six times per year. At Liberty University, new terms begin nine times a year. Colorado State University begins new online terms every four weeks. What are you waiting for?

2. Transfer Credit

If you have already begun your college education, you don’t want to waste the time, money and effort you already invested in your classes. This time, you want to choose a school that will accept all of your transfer credits so you’re not starting over.

Different schools have different limitations on how many credits you can transfer. Some online colleges are generous with accepting transfer credit. For example, Colorado State University, which caters to students who already have some college education, will let you transfer 90 semester hours of study.

3. Short Class Length

Would you rather stretch your online courses out over 16 weeks of study, or condense them into eight weeks? The right answer is different depending upon the student. However, the shortened class structure offered by many online schools means that students can finish each course at an accelerated pace and often earn their degree more quickly.

Some students also appreciate a structure that encourages them to take just one or two classes at a time, allowing them to focus on each course without the distraction of work for other classes.

4. Preference for Nontraditional Students

If you’re a nontraditional student, you might benefit from choosing an online program that’s tailored to your needs, rather than to instructing kids who are fresh out of high school. Some of the top online accounting schools are designed for adult learners, who have different learning styles, according to San Diego City College.

5. Affordability

Cost shouldn’t be your only consideration, but the value of your education for the money you’re spending does matter. Online studies are often cheaper than a traditional college education.

Sometimes students save on tuition costs by studying online, but not always. Often, online students save money by completing their degree requirements sooner, or save on expensive room and board costs by staying in their current living situation.