Five Core Courses in Organizational Development

  • Human Resources Management
  • Talent Development
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Employee Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Any business professional who wants to get involved in human resource management or impact executive-level change in the company should consider organizational development training online. There are certified online courses, certificates and degree programs that prepare business professionals for making efficient, accurate and long-lasting organizational development decisions.

1. Human Resources Management

Organizational development is a byproduct of human resources management. A basic course will help students learn the role of HR managers and gain the skills and perspectives necessary to support this capacity. Common class topics include employee selection, training, development, evaluation and discipline. Other common topics include wages, benefits, compensation, labor relations, federal law and staff motivation. After completion of this course, students will know the theories, assessment tools and behavioral applications that are essential to successful HR leadership and management.

2. Talent Development

Companies invest in talent development because it has a significant impact on reaching strategic goals, creating a competitive advantage and maintaining employee engagement. This online course teaches students about talent development at every stage of the employee life cycle. This means that students will learn how and why to implement talent, leadership and succession planning processes. Ideally, the student will learn how to create a company culture that encourages employee engagement, development and retention. Students may learn tools and methods for matching talent development with their organization’s plans, growth and direction.

3. Planning and Implementation

All organizational development activities involve planning, implementation and communication. A planning and implementation course will prepare students to create organizational development plans and strategies. This is often accomplished through reviewing real-world case study examples of success and failure. Some of the most common topics include employee buy-in, strategic planning methods and predicting implementation challenges. Succession planning teaches students how to create models and templates for cross-training, knowledge transfer, leadership development and long-term staffing goals.

4. Employee Relations

Employee and union relations are a reality of the modern business world that are guided through effective employee policies and procedures. This online course teaches students the best practices for predicting, managing and preventing employee relations issues. It is best to proactively manage employee-management relationships and maintain a harmonious employee culture to prevent major issues from occurring. Students will be exposed to the federal laws and associated agencies who regulate employee laws and relations. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of employees and managers will help organizational development practitioners mitigate problems.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility is a buzzword for the traditional concept of business ethics. Organizational development professionals must sometimes make difficult decisions that negatively impact employees, so analyzing ethical principles through case studies will help them succeed and ensure smooth transitions. Corporate Social Responsibility means that businesses should be responsive or at least sensitive to social, economic, local and global problems. The most successful corporations excel at valuing customers, employees and communities. Understanding sustainability will help the student implement practices and policies that increase profits, improve conditions and protect the environment.

Mastering organizational development tools and theories will help any business professional in their career, especially if they are transitioning into management. Other organizational development training online courses include cultural diversity, manager coaching, internal audits, employee onboarding and talent acquisition and retention.