5 Lucrative Careers with a Master’s in Nursing

  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Head Nurse/Director of Nursing
  • Informatics Nurse

There are many top paying careers with a Master’s in Nursing degree. Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree can find choose to work in clinics, hospitals, and any medical facility providing health care. They also have the option of specializing in several different areas when becoming an advanced practice registered nurse. In addition to having top paying careers with a Master’s in Nursing, graduates also are on the path towards challenging, stimulating and rewarding career possibilities.

1. Nurse Anesthetist

One of the top paying careers with a Master’s in Nursing is that of the nurse anesthetist. Nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who provide anesthesia and medication to patients undergoing surgical procedures. They provide related care before, during and after diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Before the procedure, they educate the patient on what will happen and learn about the patient’s history. They stay with the patient during the procedure to monitor the patient’s vital signs. The nurse anesthetist is also with the patient after the surgery to make sure there are no after effects from the medication.

2. Advanced Practice Nurse

Advanced practice nurses (APRNs) are highly educated medical professionals who are RNs but also have an advanced degree in nursing, which is either the MSN or the DNP. Nurse Journal states that advanced nurse practitioners have training in one of four APRN areas: certified nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist and nurse practitioner. In addition to choosing one of these specialized areas, advanced nurse practitioners may also specialize in areas such as primary care, emergency, women’s health, pediatrics, neonatal or psychiatric care.

3. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who are not only highly trained in the area of nursing but also have experience with and knowledge of legal issues involving healthcare. They provide valuable knowledge and expertise to lawyers about medical issues. They may work in legal firms, insurance companies, hospitals and for independent consulting practices according to Nurse.org. They analyze and review medical records, conduct interviews, educate attorneys about medical issues and provide testimony in legal cases. Legal nurse consultants deal with cases in many areas, including medical malpractice, forensic/criminal, life care planning, product liability, elderly law and civil rights, among others.

4. Director of Nursing

To work as a Director of Nursing requires that the applicant already be a registered nurse and complete the Master’s in Nursing degree program. A good candidate for this position will ideally have an extensive amount of work experience in nursing and administration because Directors of Nursing have a lot of responsibilities and paperwork. They oversee an entire department of nurses including scheduling, managing finances, taking care of ordering supplies, talking to patients regarding concerns and communicating with other department heads all while maintaining order and efficiency.

5. Informatics Nurse

Informatics is the integration of medical knowledge with computer information technology in an attempt to provide the best possible patient care. Nursing informatics is an important part of the healthcare industry because nursing provides constant care to patients while also taking care of the administrative side of things. Informatics nurses must hold a Master’s in Nursing degree in informatics or a similar concentration. Individuals who pursue nursing informatics are choosing a top paying career with a Master’s in Nursing and are also joining a field that continues to grow with advancing technology.

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MSN degree is a highly respected degree because it prepares RNs for high-level careers with various career opportunities and excellent wages. The many specialization areas it offers make it a versatile degree that promises graduates the possibility of rewarding careers. There are so many top paying careers with a Master’s in Nursing, it is little wonder why so many RNs and aspiring RNs choose this program choice.