5 Social Psychology Top Paying Careers

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
  • Political Strategist
  • Marketing Director
  • Researcher
  • College Educator

Advanced studies, the study of how individuals are influenced by each other, in social psychology can open the door to many high-paying careers. They can specialize in specific areas that give them attractability in the job market. Here are a few good options that reward hard work with excellent pay.

1. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Applying the skills from social psychology, these individuals can have a rewarding career helping businesses run more effectively. They can utilize their training to develop systems for motivation and excellence for employees of a team. Also, they are efficient at identifying problems in the workplace and developing a workable solution. With proper intervention, they help a smooth-running operation between the management and employees.

2. Political Strategist

Understand specific interactions among individuals in a social setting is at the forefront of a masterful political campaign. Here, the social psychologist may use strategies that target a particular subgroup to achieve a higher turnout at the polls. They might develop meaningful ways for a candidate to reach more groups of voters who typically fall behind on the voting day. Often, the political strategist will work closely to fine-tune certain sayings or phrases that are more meaningful to others.

3. Marketing Director

A marketing director, or manager, is responsible for developing a plan to gain interest in a specific product or service. They will work closely with the rest of the sales team to determine an effective marketing strategy. A social psychologist can make an excellent marketing director. These individuals are specifically trained so they can determine how social interactions influence others. Last year, marketing directors had a median salary of more than $130,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Researcher

Social issues require highly targeted research, and a social psychologist is equipped to do the task. The work of a researcher is critical, and their discoveries are often used to make important decisions in educational or agricultural policies. They may also develop research that can be used to help reduce or eliminate a particular social issue. They typically work in a government setting, but it isn’t uncommon to see social psychology majors working in a laboratory setting or at a college university.

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5. College Educator

In a college setting, the work of a social psychologist can be used effectively. Education at this level includes more critical thinking teaching elements as well as research studies. As a college professor, the individual can focus not only on classroom competencies but also on specific research topics that can provide meaningful data to them. Classes that the college professor may teach can then help others who might have an interest in the social psychology umbrella.

Choosing to study and apply concepts of social psychology can lead the way to many lucrative careers. They are not only rewarding but pay above-average as compared to other jobs in the country. There will always be a need for individuals to consider job prospects in this growing field.