5 Lucrative Careers in International Business

  • Global Marketing Director or Manager
  • International Human Resources Manager
  • International Management Analyst or Consultant
  • Global Logistics Manager
  • International Financial Manager

Dedicating the time to earning a degree that can help the student understand the international market and manage international business transactions can lead to obtaining a top paying career in international business. More businesses are trying to reach a global status and need qualified people to help them take advantage of international markets. The following international business careers are in high demand all over the world.

1. Global Marketing Director or Manager

Although marketing managers and marketing directors generally do much of the same job, the titles don’t always carry the same meaning at different companies. The two positions are determined by both the size of the company and how their marketing is handled. Smaller companies are likely to use both terms interchangeably because there’s often a single person that handles the marketing. Companies that have multiple brands or product lines are more likely to have different marketing managers for each line. It’s the marketing director’s job to oversee those marketing managers.

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2. International Human Resources Manager

The role of human resources, or HR, is constantly evolving and taking on more responsibilities to meet the needs of businesses and society. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HR is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training staff members. It is also HR’s responsibility to make sure that everything is running smoothly with the employees as far as upholding labor laws, organizing company functions and helping management to stay connected to its employees. This career can be ideal for avid problem solvers and those that like to help and interact with people.

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3. International Management Analyst or Consultant

Management analysts are responsible for learning the details about the business operations of a company and using that information to create potential solutions that could help the company to lower costs and increase profit. They are often referred to as management consultants because that is essentially what they do. A management consultant is a title that is frequently used by independent contractors so that they can work with multiple companies and build their clientele. Management consultants can often return to past clients to see if past strategies were implemented and potentially create new or updated solutions.

4. Global Logistics Manager

A logistics manager oversees purchasing and distributing products. They’re responsible for finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to safely transport goods. Logistics managers are also responsible for warehousing and storing those products when they aren’t being transported. Logistics managers must supervise employees and maintain safety in the workplace while assisting customers with any issues or complaints daily.

5. International Financial Manager

This career path may be for fitting for someone interested in accounting with new variables to consider when dealing with international clients. International finance differs from standard finances due to the fluctuating currencies, diverse political situations, and imperfections in the market. International financial managers must create and analyze company finances and use their findings to present strategies for future financial goals and plan for investment opportunities.

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Business is not limited to a single country and businesses need people who are unafraid to be limitless. Studying international business can open many doors worldwide and helps students to gain a better understanding of global markets before they embark on their careers abroad. These high paying international business careers are all accessible with the proper education and experience.