Early Childhood Education Careers

  • Preschool teacher
  • Childcare Educator
  • Digital Literary Educator
  • Home-based Educational Service Provider
  • Educational Researcher

When it comes to jobs and careers, many people look for ways to achieve both financial security and personal satisfaction. This is why anyone interested in the field should take a look at some of the most rewarding jobs in early childhood education.

This early education gives individuals the chance to literally work with the “next generation,” helping them to understand the world they will be entering. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, there are a number of paths you can follow.

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1. Preschool Teacher

A number of major developmental changes take place in children during their early years, and some of the challenges they’re going to face need to be addressed prior to entering kindergarten. Preschool teachers prepare children to enter school by engaging them in a number of different activities fostered in a creative environment. The activities presented to them will help them to go into kindergarten with a strong degree of preparedness – helping them to have a sense of self-confidence at a young age.

2. Childcare Educator

As more and more parents are holding down jobs, the role of a childcare educator becomes more important than ever. The days of putting a child in childcare simply to have a reliable babysit have been replaced with parents expecting their children to be educated, as well as to have fun. Children placed in childcare centers that emphasize educational opportunities are given a distinct advantage where such options don’t exist.

3. Digital Literary Educator

According to a study by the Rand Corporation, children from low-income areas are at a distinct disadvantage over students from higher-income brackets. In today’s digital age, a job in early education includes working to improve digital literacy in younger students. Digital literary educators will actually be providing children with the chance to obtain digital skills that will be a part of their lives forever. Giving students the chance to become digitally literate open doors exposing them to new learning opportunities.

4. Home-based Educational Service Provider

Another rewarding job is found in being a home-based educational service provider. Some parents want their children to be home-schooled, yet they may lack the necessary skills to give the student a well-rounded education. Home-based education service providers are in a position to help out both parent and student.

5. Educational Researcher

New information presents itself on a constant basis, regarding education in early childhood. This information is gathered and disseminated by educational researchers and it is used in everything from planning curriculums to designing digital programs that both entertain and educate young children. Educational researchers are literally at the forefront of a new educational frontier.

With every passing day, opportunities to help the next generation grow into their full potential reveal themselves. Individuals working in one of the many rewarding jobs in early childhood education are in the enviable position of assisting the next generation of future leaders in maximizing the numerous possibilities lying before them.