While aspiring web designers and developers need an education in computer programming languages and tools, there are a number of natural qualities that would make you a good web designer.

1. Computer Skills

Web designers use computer programming languages in their daily work, so it makes sense that familiarity with computers is among the qualities that would make you a good web designer. Are you comfortable using a variety of computer programs and applications? Are you interested in understanding how websites are built? Are you excited about new technological developments? Not only do web designers and developers need to be willing to learn the complexities of computer programming, but they also must continue learning new languages and tools throughout their careers as technology keeps evolving.

2. Concentration

Writing the code that creates a website takes a lot of concentration. If you’re easily distracted or get bored when you have to work on the same task for a long span of time, a career as a web designer and developer might not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you wouldn’t mind spending long periods of time in front of a computer, creating detailed code, then your natural concentration is a quality that would make you a good web designer.

3. Creativity

In any design job, it’s important to be a creative person. If you have an eye for a good design, that creativity will serve you well when you have to develop an aesthetically pleasing website layout.

4. Customer Service Skills

For a number of reasons, customer service skills are among the qualities that would make you a good web designer. For one thing, as a professional web designer and developer, you won’t just design a website that you like. You will design a website that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of a client or employer. Having strong customer service skills is essential when it comes to interacting with the people for whom you create a website, especially if you don’t always see eye to eye. You need to be able to listen to what they want in the website, create and present a design that meets those expectations, and respond appropriately to feedback from your customers. Also, if you serve as the webmaster for the site, you will need to be able to effectively and politely respond to any questions or requests you receive from site users, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported.

5. Detail-Oriented Nature

A final quality that would make you a good web designer is a detail-oriented nature. In computer programming, a single mistake could result in a webpage error. Can you pay close enough attention to notice these details and prevent technical problems?

Some of these qualities, like being comfortable working with computers, seem obvious. Other qualities that would make you a good web designer, like customer service skills and concentration, are less obvious but no less important.