Listen to One of these 5 Podcasts About International Business

  • The Investors Podcast
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • Planet Money
  • Marketplace
  • BBC Business Daily

Those who work in international business could listen to one of these five podcasts and learn something new. Podcasts are an ideal way to pass the time while commuting, having coffee or taking a walk at lunchtime. Each of these podcasts offers a different perspective and a wide range of topics that could inspire, motivate, encourage or teach any international business person or a person in a related field of expertise.

1. The Investors Podcast

A person who has a long commute or likes to take long runs could listen to The Investors Podcast. This podcast explores investments as they relate to international businesses. One host is in the USA, and the other is in Denmark. Together, they interview entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world. Some of their topics include business books, successful business owners and upcoming opportunities for investors who are willing to take a risk.

2. HBR IdeaCast

Managers who work for international businesses would do well to listen to the HBR IdeaCast by the Harvard Business Review. This podcast includes guest hosts as well as a lot of guest interviews. They teach managers how to be better listeners. Being able to listen well in the world of business means an increased potential for solid and lasting relationships. Some of the topics covered in HBR IdeaCast include being happier at work and how to keep up with the news that changes quickly. Other episodes include interviews with authors and newscasters who focus on international businesses and business stories.

3. Planet Money

The Planet Money podcast is a part of National Public Radio (NPR). NPR releases two episodes of it weekly, but some of the individual stories may be a part of other NPR broadcasts. Planet Money focuses on explaining what is going on with the worldwide economy. Some of its episodes look at how international conflicts have ripple effects and how people in growing markets can become successful entrepreneurs. The episodes are casual in tone and have light humorous touches.

4. Marketplace

The Marketplace podcast features 25 to 30-minute episodes on topics including current events, technology and global business trends. The morning episodes are about five minutes long, and the afternoon episodes are about 25 minutes long. According to Radius Worldwide, their afternoon episodes go into more detail and include interviews and guest speakers. Some of their topics have included how volatile oil prices affect everyday people in Venezuela and the rebranding of large firms.

5. BBC Business Daily

The BBC Business Daily podcast is about 20 minutes long. During each episode, two or three topics are explored. Their areas of insight include worldwide politics, global business and world news. They examine what is going on in international businesses across the whole world, allowing a listener to get away from the biased reports delivered by a lot of American media channels that typically spend too much time focusing on American businesses.

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Tuning in to one or more of these five podcasts allows a person to stay in touch with news, hot topics and fresh ideas. Each episode of these podcasts lasts for less than 30 minutes, so they work well for the commute to or from work, a visit to the gym or a lunch break. Listening to one of these five podcasts for international business also provides inspiration and opportunities for networking.