5 Podcasts for Education Administrators

  • Principal Matters
  • The School Leadership Show
  • Educators Lead with Jay Willis
  • Transformative Principal
  • The Better Podcast

Education administration is a growing field according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, especially in higher education. A challenging field, education administration requires continuing education well beyond the completion of advanced studies in education and throughout an administrator’s career, from keeping current with government policies on education to new methods of teaching and tutoring. Here are five great podcasts on education administration.

1. Principal Matters

Hosted by educational expert William D. Parker, the Principal Matters podcast assists principals and school administrators in a broad variety of areas, including work-life balance, assisting traumatized or mentally ill students, and constructive methods of discipline. Principal Matters is available on iTunes.

2. The School Leadership Show

The School Leadership Show is a far-ranging podcast that discusses both mainstream and niche topics in education, including educational policy, art transforming education, and team collaboration. Hosted by educator Mike Doughty, the podcast is available on his website.

3. Educators Lead with Jay Willis

The Educators Lead podcast is a positive and forward-thinking podcast about the intersection of education and leadership. The podcast addresses a variety of topics, including exhibiting vulnerability to connect with teams and students, student-owned learning, relating to students, and inspiring students to grow and learn. Providing both practical and inspirational advice to educational administrators, the podcast is hosted by educator Jay Willis and is available on Stitcher and iTunes.

4. Transformative Principal

Hosted by Jethro Jones, Transformative Principal helps education administrators positively impact the schools they serve to ensure that each student receives the educational experience they need and deserve. Jones interviews a different educational leader each week to share their insights and methods in educational administration so that listeners can learn and apply those methods to their own educational community. The Transformative Principal podcast is available on iTunes, Clammr It, and Stitcher, as well as a direct download via the website.

5. The Better Podcast

The Better Podcast focuses on assisting listeners in living their best life, from improving learning methods to building relationships. The Better Podcast is an invaluable resource to educational administrators seeking to improve their work-life balance and apply better methods of living, learning, and joy making to their everyday lives both in and out of work. The Better Podcast is hosted by Ian Mikutel, Darren Austin, and March Rogers, and is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and Overcast.

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Each of these podcasts provides valuable advice and resources to education administrators of every stripe, from elementary school principals to college presidents. For education administrators determined to make a positive and lasting impact on their educational communities and improve their overall lives and experience, each of these podcasts is worth the listen – and the application of the advice they provide.