Most psychology careers require a graduate degree, but if you’re not interested in going to grad school, there are plenty of great jobs you can get with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. The majority of students who graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology degree find roles in other fields, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). Below you’ll find five of the top jobs you can get with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology.

1. Manager

Understanding how people think and feel is a key part of being a good manager. When you have studied human behavior in an undergraduate psychology program, you … You can use this knowledge to influence others. If you’re interviewing potential employees, you can interpret their behaviors and responses to get a better feel for what kind of worker they will be. You will understand effective ways of working with others when you train or evaluate staff.

2. Salesperson

You might not think of sales as one of the jobs you can get with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, but you should. In fact, consumer psychology – how shoppers think and behave – is a popular specialization in the field. Armed with your knowledge of how people think, feel and act throughout the buying process, you’ll be better equipped than your peers who have just a business background to make connections with potential clients and convince them to purchase. In the right occupations, industries and companies, salespeople can make a lucrative living.

3. Marketer

You don’t have to be the one out on the sales floor to use consumer psychology to a company’s benefit. Marketers work behind the scenes to bring in business. They develop strategies to draw in clients and customers and craft the marketing and advertising materials and messages used to increase sales. Knowing how consumers think and feel is essential to coming up with the strategies and materials that will resonate with potential customers.

4. Educator

Education changes what people know and, in turn, how they think. By understanding how people think and feel, you can appeal to their interests and emotions when presenting new information to them. Many psychology students also study development, and knowing how the mind develops at various ages can help you effectively present information to your students.

5. Substance Abuse Counselor

One of the few psychology careers you can get with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology is substance abuse counselor. Though some employers look for candidates with a master’s degree, most jobs in substance abuse counseling require only an undergraduate degree, according to the BLS. A career as a substance abuse counselor can be rewarding in that it gives you the chance to help people struggling with addiction turn their lives around.

Because the education is so versatile, there are plenty of jobs you can get with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology.

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