Five Lucrative Careers in Finance

  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Quantitative Risk Analyst
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Planner

Finance represents one of the most highly-paid industries in the world. From investment banking to risk management, a finance career for every skill set and personality exist with ample compensation and generous benefits. Whether you completed a bachelor’s in accounting or a master’s in finance, here are five highly lucrative careers in the field of finance.

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  1. Investment Banking Analyst

    Investment banking analysts carefully research the investment histories and practices of both companies and individuals. Based on both investment history and current economic and financial trends, these analysts make recommendations for portfolio diversification, expansion, or both. IBAs also act as intermediaries between clients, attorneys, and other financial experts and bankers to solidify investment options, make pitches, and advise clients. This position pays upwards of one hundred thousand per annum.

  2. Quantitative Risk Analyst

    A position that became immensely popular with the emergence of digital training, quantitative risk analysts carefully analyze investment and economic opportunities and make recommendations for profit-bearing enterprises, as well as engage in intensive risk analysis for companies and individuals alike. For banking institutions, quantitative analysts help to determine the value of their securities holdings. In addition, they create algorithms and follow them closely to analyze stock market activity and determine at what point stock should be sold to maximize profit. The median salary for this position is around eighty-three thousand per year.

  3. Hedge Fund Manager

    Hedge funds are often the creme de la creme of investment funds, and hedge fund management offers one of the most lucrative job opportunities in finance. Hedge fund managers engage in both stock market and risk management analysis and are typically paid a percentage ranging from one to four percent of the entire fund – often comprising millions or even billions of dollars. While the lucrative nature of the position is paced somewhat equally with risk – if the hedge fund fails to deliver, the manager will not be paid – it offers enough potential income that it remains a highly attractive career option for finance professionals interested in a dynamic, driven, and fast-paced career. Most hedge fund managers average a six-figure income, though some top hedge fund managers globally earn into the billions per annum.

  4. Investment Banker

    One of the most popular finance careers, the duties of the investment banker involve assisting clients to raise funds in capital markets local, regional, and national, assisting them with mergers, acquisitions, and personal finance, and advising them of investment opportunities ranging from conservative to aggressive. The position of an investment banker is extremely well-paid and offers a very attractive career start to students fresh from their baccalaureate studies in finance. Investment banking can also lead to greater opportunity later on, including careers in wealth management, capital equity management, hedge fund management, and many more. Investment bankers average one hundred and forty thousand dollars a year.

  5. Financial Planner

    Financial planners work with clients to plan investments and the futures of their estate. They also advise clients on investments, insurances, securities, living wills, and other financial matters to ensure their clients a safe and prosperous financial future for themselves and potentially future generations. Financial planners work businesses as well as individuals to assist in wise asset management and planning for future growth and earn on average ninety thousand dollars per annum.

While newcomers to the finance industry must work hard to market themselves in the industry, according to Forbes, each finance career here offers highly prosperous financial futures – in addition to highly dynamic and stimulating professional opportunity.