The Five Best Apps for Nurses

  • Nursegrid
  • Nursing Essentials
  • Medical Spanish
  • Pocket Lab Values
  • Fast Facts for Critical Care

According to Forbes, the fields of healthcare and technology have become irrevocably intertwined – from the digitization of patient records to on-the-go apps for medical professionals of every type. Hundreds of healthcare apps are available to healthcare professionals, from those who work in doctor’s offices to those who manage triage care in hospital emergency rooms. Here are five of the best apps for nurses of every background.

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  1. NurseGrid

    One of the biggest issues the nursing industry faces is scheduling – a tremendous contributor to burnout among nurses. NurseGrid allows nurses to construct and view schedules across each office, hospital, or other medical institution they’re working at, view the staff roster for each shift, and discuss shift changes or exchanges with other nurses at the site in question. It’s recommended that entire units utilize the app for maximal efficiency.

    In addition, a nursing management edition of the apps is in the works and on the way. The app is accessible via both web portal and ioS.

  2. Nursing Essentials

    A must-have for students still pursuing their nursing degrees or for new professionals, the Nursing Essentials app is a highly inclusive nursing reference representing a number of specializations from neurology to pediatrics. The app is available on Android, Nook, and ioS, and ranges in price from $6 to $10 dependent on user platform.

  3. Medical Spanish

    Spanish has become a secondary de facto language in the United States, and for nurses who don’t speak Spanish, this app is a must-have for when the hospital or office interpreter is unavailable (or the institution doesn’t have one). Medical Spanish comes complete with common phrases, audio clips with phrases and translations, and medical terminology in Spanish. For nurses working in diverse areas and cities, Medical Spanish is an essential tool that can assist them in overcoming language barriers to offer their patients the best possible care – particularly in critical situations. The app is available via ioS, Android, and Windows.

  4. Pocket Lab Values

    Pocket Lab Values is an app that helps nurses and other medical professionals quickly and easily interpret lab symbols, abbreviations, and terminology. Available on Android and ioS, the app not only contains lab terminology but differential diagnoses for each lab test, referential links to external websites for further information, and other clinical data. A must-have for students and practicing professionals alike, the app is just a few dollars.

  5. Fast Facts for Critical Care

    Fast Facts for Critical Care is an essential app for nurses working in triage, emergency, or ICU departments. The app contains dosage for drugs frequently used in critical care, along with step-by-step and full-color illustrations for various procedures vital for stabilizing patients. The app is available for ioS users.

Each of these healthcare apps is worthy of consideration and investment by nurses of every stripe, from pediatric nurses to emergency care nursing professionals. Each of them can help make nurses’ jobs easier, help prevent burnout, and help nurses provide even better care for their patients – now and for the years to come.

Source: Forbes