Advancing your own education to better instruct PreK-12 children using the latest pedagogical methods is less expensive when you find master’s in education scholarships. The NCES reports that 56 percent of the United States’ 3.6 million full-time elementary and secondary teachers hold master’s or higher degrees. Master’s in education programs accrue tuition over 12 to 36 months while teachers sharpen their curriculum design and implementation skills in more specialized fields, such as literacy or math education. Investing the thousands of dollars into graduate education study could help you compete for education jobs poised for 8 percent growth through 2024 according to the BLS. Plus, financial aid like the following master’s in education scholarships can minimize the out-of-pocket cost for big ROI.

1. Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship

Honoring the Western Oregon University professor and his award-winning wife, the Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship awards $1,000 yearly from the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity International. It’s intended to support active PDK teachers who are returning to graduate school for master’s or doctoral degrees in PreK-12 public school administration. Future educational leaders must apply before June 1st on WizeHive with graduate transcripts, two recommendation letters, a resume of PDK activities, and a two-page position paper.

2. ACS-Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship

The American Chemical Society has partnered with the Hach Scientific Foundation since 1982 to bestow the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship for $3,000 to $6,000 per year. Ideal applicants are graduates of STEM fields like chemistry, engineering, forensic science, and environmental science who are accepted into master’s in education programs for science teacher licensing in grades 7-12. Accepting applications from February 1st to June 30th, the early-career program requires having less than one year of work experience.

3. NYS Masters-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship

Authorized by Governor Cuomo, the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation launched the Masters-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship to cover full tuition up to $10,870 yearly for post-grads matriculating at SUNY or CUNY campuses. Eligibility criteria mandates residing in New York for 12 straight months, pursuing a master’s for PreK-12 education, studying full-time with 9+ credits, and carrying a minimum 3.5 GPA. Chosen teachers sign contracts to instruct NYS kids at public schools for five years.

4. JEA Future Journalism Teacher Scholarship

Headquartered at the University of Kansas, the Journalism Education Association (JEA) picks five national winners for its $1,000 Future Journalism Teacher Scholarship annually. Funding is reserved for juniors, seniors, and master’s students studying secondary education to teach scholastic journalism at U.S. high schools. By the July 15th deadline, prospective applicants must submit an online form, three short answer responses, two recommendation letters, journalistic samples, and a 250-word goals essay.

5. JCCs of North America Full-Time Graduate Scholarship

The Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) of North America began the Full-Time Graduate Scholarship to grant $10,000 per year or $20,000 total to post-bachelor’s students pursuing master’s degrees in relevant fields, including early childhood, elementary, secondary, and health education. Aspiring teachers taking nine or more credits per semester could qualify if they’ll intern at 300+ JCC locations and agree to work in Jewish education for two years. Applications received by February 1st must include transcripts, references, and résumés.

Affording graduate school’s average annual cost of $14,537 on a modest teacher’s salary can be overwhelming. Master’s students luckily access vast financial aid opportunities from Grad PLUS loans to teaching assistantships and school district reimbursement. For example, the U.S. Department of Education’s TEACH Grant gifts $4,000 annually to undergrad or post-baccalaureate students studying education in high-need fields like bilingual, reading, science, and special education. More master’s in education scholarships, including the Leon Bradley Scholarship, Isabel M. Herson Scholarship, and Edwyna Wheadon Post-Graduate Scholarship, are abundant.

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