There may not be such a thing as a 100% easy online degree. There are certainly some which are generally considered easier to complete, but some effort is still required on the student’s part. Today, a notable percentage of college education is dispensed online with the biggest attribute of provider importance being accreditation over any other attribute. So, what are some of the more easy online degrees out there to pursue? The following are five strong picks in this particular arena of choice.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice degrees teach the fundamentals of policing, judicial approaches to crime, criminal psychology, statistics on crime, and more. Why do people commit crime, and what is the history of society handling it? If this sounds interesting to you, perhaps the criminal justice degree is just the right direction for you.

While you’ll certainly learn plenty of concepts in this subject area, most of them will not be too terribly complex. Only a few core math courses are necessary here as well. For these reasons and more, this is considered to be an easier choice among online degrees.

Elementary Education

Those studying elementary education study the world of learning, typically as it takes place up until the age of around 11 or 12. How does the young mind learn? What are the best ways to go about filling this age group with important knowledge in a typical classroom setting? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this particular degree program.

As to its level of ease, the typical elementary education degree program, online and on-campus, is considered by many to be quite simple and straightforward. In fact, some in the professional world have begun to push for more challenging work in this program due to its overall simplicity in most colleges. Whether or not we start to see this happen anytime soon is yet to be determined.

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Music is often reported to be one of the more relatively easy online degrees to achieve. This is especially true if you are an avid music lover, making this an even more natural progression in the individual learning experience. Rather than getting into the complexities of science or math here, this program explores music, its creation, and what exactly makes a piece of music enjoyable over another. Course focuses awaiting the student here will include study areas such as songwriting, guitar, classical composition, the music business, and more.

Special Education

At first consideration, one might certainly be inclined to assume that in order to graduate with a special education degree, you have to undergo a rigorous dive into the specialized knowledge of teaching its application to those with special needs. Surprisingly to many, though, this degree program does not require such an intensive exploration into the subject. The student will become capable in the field of special education, no doubt, but the coursework and requirements to get there really aren’t so tough. Students taking this online education route can expect to take classes such as Intervention Strategies, Assistive Technology Applications, Collaboration and Transition, and Behavior Analysis for Teachers.

Social Work

Social work is all about understanding and helping a community toward healthier horizons. Subsequently, this relatively simple degree program will include coursework much along the same focus. Again, circumventing more difficult subjects, this program will take the learner on a path of greater community understanding. Coursework here will include classes focused on subjects such as human behavior, research, field practicum, the basics of sociology, human welfare policies in government, and other, similar subjects.

Higher education is not necessarily known as being the easiest thing to achieve. However, for those looking for the less rigorous options in today’s degree programs, the above five options typically work out quite well. These are among the current top picks in easy online degrees right now.