Northeastern Education Conferences

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Association for Experiential Education
  • Lesley University Literacy for All Conference
  • New England Regional Forum
  • Northeastern Educational Research Association

For today’s teachers, every day brings new findings about methodologies and curriculum. The best way to keep up with the field is by attending conferences throughout the year. Here are 5 Conferences for Teachers in the Northeast in 2018.

1. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development hosts an annual Conference for Every Educator. This year’s event will take place from March 24th to 26th in Boston, MA. Brimming with high profile speakers such as Jill Biden and Colin Powell, the focus of this event is on empowering teachers to empower their students. Attendees will learn about the best ways to reach every student and teach to the whole child, rather than just his or her academic and intellectual sides. There will be opportunities to sit back and listen, as well as step up and participate in interactive learning.

2. Association for Experiential Education

Most teachers learn by doing, and so do their students. The Association for Experiential Education helps teachers bring hands-on experiences to their students. Their 2018 Northeast Regional Conference is scheduled for April 20th to 22nd at the Berkshire Outdoor Center in Becket, MA. These events focus on creating space for professional collaboration, giving teachers and other child education professionals a chance to share ideas in order to create positive change. Those who have great ideas for workshops are invited to submit proposals by February 1st.

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3. Lesley University Literacy for All Conference

Lesley University is one of the leading teaching colleges in the Northeast. Their Literacy for All Conference will be open for registration in March, and will take place in the fall. Reading is the foundation of education, so it is highly important for all teachers to know how to promote literacy among diverse student populations. Attendees can tailor the conference experience to their needs and interests by selecting special topics sessions.

4. New England Regional Forum

The New England Regional Forum offers a yearly opportunity for teachers of all levels to meet and discuss how best to make education a seamless process in which children grow and build upon skills from early childhood through college. This year’s event is just around the corner, from February 28th to March 2nd in Boston, MA. The topic of the shared goal of student success will be approached from a wide variety of angles. There will be opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, participate in workshops, and engage in networking.

5. Northeastern Educational Research Association

It is important that teachers remain immersed in the latest educational research. The Northeastern Educational Research Association is holding its annual conference from October 17th 19th. These conferences offer opportunities to hear information, from professional speakers, witness live technology demonstrations, discuss material in small groups, and apply knowledge in interactive workshops.

There are Conferences for Teachers of all grades and subjects coming up this year throughout the Northeast. Each offers both learning and application opportunities. Teachers will return to their classrooms with the latest information and fresh motivation.