5 Social Psychologist Characteristics

  • Balance Of Emotions
  • Communication Skills
  • Nonjudgmental
  • Emotional Control
  • Patience

If someone enjoys working with people and genuinely cares about them, a career as a social psychologist can be a good choice. The following is a breakdown of some sought after characteristics of excellent social psychologists.

1. Balance of Emotions

In all psychology-related careers, having a balance of emotions is critical. Having the skill to balance emotions with reasoning masterfully takes proper training and patience. The social psychologist has to set clear expectations with the client meticulously so that appropriate treatment can be given. Clients should feel comfortable disclosing information they feel is essential to help move their situation forward. Social psychologists must evaluate every situation and handle it appropriately.

2. Communication Skills

As a social psychologist, the individual will spend much of their time interviewing clients. These situations will require keen listening skills because many of the people they see will communicate differently. Some may be more talkative than others, so the ability to interpret body language is a must. Social psychologists should understand that it may take more time to gather information about a particular client. If someone cares about others, they’ll be able to apply their training in real-life situations to communicate with clients.

3. Nonjudgemental

Perhaps the cornerstone of any good psychologist, the ability to remain nonjudgemental with the clients can make a positive impact. A social psychologist will work with wealthy, poor, young, and older clients from all walks of life. This career is not suited for someone who will react to an individual’s circumstance harshly in any way. Someone needs to have the ability to listen and interpret a different point of view than their own. With all the training and requirements needed, someone can expect to be compensated for their hard work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for psychologist related careers was more than $80,000 per year in 2018.

4. Emotional Control

The situations that someone will hear of as a social psychologist can be disheartening. It becomes apparent that detachment is necessary not to let emotions get involved while assisting. It takes much skill and practice to have compassion, yet not make the personal feelings take over. Although it’s common to be faced with a stressful work environment, staying calm will provide the ability to evaluate every situation more clearly. Unpleasant circumstances from the clients are part of the job.

5. Patience

Severe behavioral issues will not be fixed in a single day. Techniques that someone uses for one client may not work for another. It could take a long time to get to the origin of the underlying issues. As a social psychologist, time will need to be devoted to gathering meaningful information that will help the client. Dealing with the emotional well-being of others isn’t easy, but it can be highly rewarding.

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Someone who wishes to have a career in this demanding field should assess if they have these characteristics. It will take much devotion to become a social psychologist, but the impact that someone could have on another’s life can be truly remarkable.