5 Common Personality Traits of a Nurse Midwife

  • Excellent Communicator
  • Attention to Detail
  • Critical Thinking
  • Able to Solve Problems Quickly
  • Resourceful

A person with a bachelor’s degree in nursing who is ready to continue their education may want to know about the top five characteristics of a nurse midwife. Becoming a nurse midwife requires additional training and experience beyond a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, with most midwives earning a master’s of science in nursing or an advanced practice nursing graduate degree. Becoming familiar with the top five characteristics of a nurse midwife could help a person decide if this is the right specialty of nursing practice for them.

1. Excellent Communicator

One of the most important qualities of a nurse midwife is the ability to communicate well. Nurse midwives work with people from all walks of life. Their patients might not speak English as a first language, so being bilingual could also be helpful to the nurse midwife. When caring for patients, the nurse midwife should be able to communicate what to do and what not to do in terms of self-care during pregnancy. In the case of an urgent situation, the nurse midwife needs to communicate clearly and concisely to the patient, their family, physicians and other nurses.

2. Attention to Detail

A small change in a patient’s health status or vital signs could make a big difference in their well-being and that of the fetus. For example, a slight dip in heart rate or an increase in blood pressure could be a big deal during labor. A change in blood sugar or sudden change of weight could also indicate a problem with the pregnancy. Nurse midwives also need good attention to detail in the immediate postpartum period when caring for a mother and newborn.

3. Critical Thinking

Nurse midwives need to assess a patient’s condition and decide how to proceed if there is a problem or change in health status. The nurse midwife may also need to decide when to consult with another health professional. Determining a course of action may have to be done quickly.

4. Able to Solve Problems Quickly

When a woman is in labor, a nurse midwife has to solve problems quickly. There may not be time to refer to a medical book or look up information. They should also be ready to work as a team to solve complicated problems and provide the best possible level of care.

5. Resourceful

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, another key characteristic of a nurse midwife is resourcefulness. A nurse midwife has to know how to find an answer to a question or problem, and they have to find that answer quickly. In the case of an urgent problem or sudden readiness of a mother to deliver a baby, the nurse midwife might have to improvise, such as using an extra bed sheet instead of towels when cleaning the baby. Nurse midwives may also need to link their patients with local resources in the community, such as diaper banks or the local Women, Infants and Children service center.

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Nurse midwives are in demand all over the United States, and entering this profession could prove to be a lucrative and personally satisfying career. Before going down this path, it is important to understand what it takes to be successful and satisfied in this line of work. Knowing about the leading five characteristics of a nurse midwife gives a person a chance to prepare themselves for their future profession.