IT Careers for People-Lovers

  • IT Contracting Officer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • IT Instructor
  • Project Assistant

For those interested in keeping those social ties alive and well, there plenty of great careers in information technology that will allow you to work with people on a regular basis. From systems management to instruction and contract negotiation, the options for people-work in the IT field are many. The following jobs in IT make for just a condensed sample of this wide area of opportunity today.

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1. IT Contracting Officer

An IT contracting officer is a professional IT worker who spends a substantial amount of time negotiating contracts and various other business arrangements and relationships. Areas such as security systems, fire suppression systems, cloud and backup data management, communications systems, staffing arrangements, equipment rental, and others involve contracts and relationships. As a result, this professional must interact with people just as much as machines in reaching and maintaining those contractual ties on a daily basis.

2. Program Coordinator

Many technology departments play important roles in various programs and initiatives set out by upper management. In companies where this is more common, there is often one or several program coordinators tasked with handling the IT department’s role in such a program. This professional not only oversees program satisfaction by the department but also how it reaches that satisfaction, from employee activities to hardware and software utilization. Those interested in working with people may find considerable satisfaction here.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

Also called “systems architects”, computer systems analysts essentially help to build, alter, and maintain computer systems. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “computer systems analysts can work directly for an organization or as contractors, often working for an information technology firm. The projects that computer systems analysts work on usually require them to collaborate and coordinate with others.”  The BLS also cites a steady growth rate of about 9% for this particular occupation over the coming years.

4. IT Instructor

IT instructors also perform an important function in the IT world while working alongside people on a regular basis. These professionals work in a variety of environments, from schools and colleges to on-site training areas at their own place of employment. Here, they train others to proficiency in the wide world of IT work. In addition, many of these teachers may be asked to work in other IT roles when not teaching fresh minds in the ways of information technology.

5. Project Assistant

Project assistants play a very pivotal role in IT project work in that they coordinate many of the activities of the projects they are involved with. As such, they often serve as the POC, or the main point of contact, for all involved in the project at hand. Duties of this great mixer of people and the digital world include constant worker coordination, troubleshooting and research of IT issues related to projects, and the provision of comprehensive reporting to upper management.

Most assume that working in information technology somehow equates to complete exclusion of human interactions while on the job. This is, on the contrary, quite far from an encompassing truth of the IT job sector. For those looking for plenty of opportunities for human interaction and relationships while on the job, there are many careers in information technology that provide just that.