As a finance major, you’re all about making a good investment – and that includes finding ways to make your master’s in finance degree affordable. Students who are committed to making their degree more affordable can approach this goal in a number of ways, starting with the college selection process. They can also seek outside funding through scholarships to pay some of the costs of their education.

1. Choose an Affordable Online Program

One way to make your master’s in finance degree affordable right off the bat is to look for programs with an affordable tuition rate. You’re already saving money if you can get a top-notch graduate education for close to $500 per credit rather than a few thousand dollars per credit. One way to find affordable programs is to look at college rankings. These lists often weigh factors such as accreditation, academic options and school reputation along with tuition costs to ensure that the programs they are ranking aren’t just affordable, but are actually a good value.

While there are affordable on-campus programs, students seeking to maximize affordability should give special consideration to online education options. After all, nearly one-third of online students choose a distance learning education due to it being “cheaper,” EdTech magazine reported. Students should be aware, however, that not all online programs are more affordable than traditional college. That’s another reason it’s important for students to compare the tuition rate and other costs of the degree programs they are considering.

2. Apply for Scholarships

Another way to make your master’s in finance degree affordable is to apply for financial aid that will decrease your burden. Specifically, students pursuing a finance degree should find and apply to as many scholarships as possible.

This advice might sound general, since students in any major or degree program could benefit from securing extra scholarship funds. However, it’s particularly relevant for students in finance programs, according to U.S. News & World Report. The publication has compiled a list of scholarship opportunities intended for accounting and finance students.

3. Consider an In-State School

One of the benefits of earning your degree online is that your college choice isn’t limited by location. You can study anywhere in the nation – for that matter, anywhere in the world. However, there’s one compelling reason why even online students should consider choosing a school in their own state. It’s one way to make your master’s in finance degree more affordable.

A number of schools that offer a great master’s in finance program at a great price happen to be public universities. Often, these schools charge a higher tuition rate to out-of-state students compared to in-state students – and that can substantially increase your cost of attendance.

There are a number of ways to make your master’s in finance degree affordable, and each action you take can help lessen the financial burden of your education.