A Master’s in Education is a college program designed to help students complete an advanced degree in around two years. It usually isn’t a requirement for those who want to work as teachers because many states require that teachers have just a bachelor’s degree. Earning one of these degrees can help those who want to work in specific areas of education and those who live in states with more requirements for teachers.

School Administrators

School administrators work at all levels, including in elementary and high schools as well as in colleges. They are the ones responsible for looking out for the best interests of students and with the daily operations of the school. These professionals often work to make sure the school operates within its annual budget. School administrators must have an advanced degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for principals working in elementary, junior high and high schools is more than $92,000 a year. This type of degree also qualifies individuals to work as school superintendents.

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Career Changes

Not all students spend the rest of their lives working in the field they studied while in college. Getting a Master’s in Education makes it easier for those who studied a different subject in college to change careers later in life. These programs include those for students with teaching experience as well as those who have a bachelor’s degree in another subject. Those looking to change careers can take courses and prepare to work as special education teachers and teachers in other subjects. They can also learn how to meet all the requirements for becoming teachers in their home states.

Curriculum and Content Developers

Studying education at the graduate level is also a good option for those who want to work as curriculum and content developers. Content developers are the ones who create the textbooks and other content that teachers use in their classes. They work with publishers to create books that are appropriate for students at different education levels. Curriculum developers focus on all areas of curriculum, including the books that students use and the methods that teachers use. They can work as a consultant and come into schools to observe teachers at work before offering suggestions and feedback to those teachers.

Teachers in Some States

Depending on where they live, some teachers may find that they need to go back to school to hold on to their teaching credentials. Some states require that teachers continue their education after working in the field. Those states give teachers a set period of time in which they will need to complete a graduate degree. Other states allow teachers to attend conferences and workshops in lieu of getting a graduate degree. The idea is that attending classes and other events will help them stay up to date with trends in the education field, which will help them be effective teachers.

Many colleges across the country now offer graduate education programs for teachers that let them take classes online and over the summers when they usually do not work. Students work on Master’s in Education degrees because they want to change careers, meet the teaching requirements in their states or work in specific fields.