One of the biggest advantages of a distance learning education is flexibility, and that means the options offered by an online business degree programs are plentiful. Students who choose to study business online have many choices available to them, including what academic major they will study, whether to enroll full-time or part-time and whether a synchronous or asynchronous style education is right for them.

A Wealth of Business Majors

One of the most important options offered by an online business degree program is your choice of a major. Would you prefer to study business administration, accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, leadership or another major? Are you looking for a program that offers classes and concentrations in niche subjects like social media marketing or forensic accounting? Different schools offer different programs of study, but many online business degree programs provide a variety of majors and specializations for students to consider.

Full-Time and Part-Time Study Options

Another important option offered by an online business degree program is how many courses students want to take. If you choose to study full-time, you can expect a large workload – but you’ll also earn your degree faster and for less money in the long run. Many online business programs also offer part-time options for students who are too busy with their careers or family obligations to handle a full-time workload. Studying part-time means that you may wait longer and ultimately spend a little more money actually earning your degree, but it makes an education possible even for students for whom college might otherwise be out of reach.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning Formats

Flexibility is one of the factors that make online learning so popular, but not every online program functions in the same way. Synchronous and asynchronous learning formats are another of the options offered by an online business degree program. There are advantages and disadvantages to both learning formats, according to U.S. News & World Report. Which format is best for you depends on your learning style and how much flexibility you need in an online program.

Asynchronous online programs are the most flexible and convenient. Students in these programs have deadlines for completing coursework, but they can log into the online classroom and review the course materials on their own time. This means students can learn when it’s most convenient for them – but much of their learning is done independently.

On the other hand, synchronous online programs run in real-time, like a traditional college course combined with telecommuting. Students have to log into the virtual classroom on a set schedule to catch the live course and use technology like videoconferencing software to participate in the class. Synchronous learning is great for students who would miss the interactive aspects of a live class, but it doesn’t offer the same convenience as asynchronous learning, since students still have to follow a rigid course schedule.

With so many options offered by online business degree programs, students can choose what, when and how to study.