Are you wondering whether healthcare administration jobs will be plentiful in the future? Perhaps you’re a student considering a career in medical management. Perhaps you’re already working in the field, and you’re concerned about how to best allocate your hiring organization’s resources. Whatever your reasons for seeking information on this topic, the following insights will enable you to better understand the future employment outlook for medical administration jobs well into the next decade:

Organizations That Employ Healthcare Administrators With Projections for Their Future Workforce Needs

The US government makes healthcare employment projections available through the Health Information Technology website and the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Thanks to the expert predictions reported by the Center for Health Workforce Studies, the National Center for Workforce Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can not only be reasonably confident that there are excellent future employment prospects for healthcare administrators; we also have a good idea of which industries will be likely to step up their hiring of medical administration staff in the future.

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Government analysts predict that the healthcare sector will add a whopping 4.2 million jobs to the US economy by the year 2020. The majority of these new jobs will not be administrative positions; even so, significant numbers of new medical managers will be needed to supervise the expanding workforce. Let’s take a look at a couple of the niches where large numbers of new healthcare administrators will be needed in the future.

Home Healthcare Providers — Government analysts expect home healthcare services to grow the fastest out of all the existing healthcare niches up until the year 2020. They’re forecasting an average of 8 percent hiring growth every year. As of the year 2016, there were 20,020 medical administrators working in the home healthcare sector. That means an estimated additional 1,600 home healthcare medical management jobs are likely to open up every year until at least the year 2020.

Offices of Health Practitioners — Significant numbers of medical administrators are already working in healthcare practitioners’ offices. As of 2016, there were 36,930 medical managers employed at physicians’ offices. Government analysts expect human resources staff at these offices to hire an additional 1,391 workers by the year 2020. Additional medical managers will be needed at other types of practitioners’ offices such as chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists and dentists.

Total Projected Job Growth for Medical Managers Through 2024

Overall, the analysts forecasted a total of 1,419,000 new healthcare administration jobs in all industries by the year 2020. By the year 2024, the Department of Labor’s workforce trend forecasters are expecting to see a 17 percent increase in the employment of health services managers.

If you’re a student or a career-changer considering a career in healthcare administration, these statistics should give you confidence that this is a sector with a favorable future employment outlook. If you’re a human resources professional working in the healthcare industry, it seems likely that you’ll need to work tirelessly on behalf of your organization to recruit and train qualified medical administrators in the future as large numbers of new jobs become available and need to be filled. It’s an excellent time to consider a career in medical administration; it’s also a great time to encourage the experienced healthcare professionals you know to pursue rewarding healthcare administration jobs.