If you’re exploring different education and career paths in the field of technology, you may wonder what exactly information technology is. The IT field encompasses a number of different job titles and duties. The skills you learn in an undergraduate information technology degree program are valuable across a wide range of industries.

Understanding the Field of Information Technology

Information technology is the field of computer systems and technology, according to the Association for Computing Technology. The field of IT can refer to a number of different roles that involve creating, maintaining and overseeing the technology used to store, safeguard, organize and access data and electronic files.

From putting together the hardware that makes computer systems run to implementing security measures to protect data from hackers, there are plenty of different aspects that make up the field of information technology. There are also plenty of industries outside the technology industry that rely on IT professionals. Just a few of the industries that employ graduates of information technology degree programs include data processing and hosting, education, finance and insurance, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Studying Information Technology

Information technology is a sought-after career path. In an online bachelor’s in information technology degree program, students take required core classes such as programming, computer systems and networks, information security, database management and IT project management, according to U.S. News & World Report. The other courses students may complete include introduction to computer-based systems, systems analysis and design, networking and telecommunications and human-computer interaction.

In many undergraduate IT degree programs, students have the option to pursue a concentration or specialization that’s relevant to their interests and career aspirations. Some popular specializations in bachelor’s in information technology programs include web applications development, cybersecurity and computer systems and network administration, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Careers in Information Technology

If you’re wondering what you can do with an IT degree, you should know that information technology is an in-demand career path. Because so many industries rely on computer technology today to run their daily operations, communicate within and outside the organization and organize and save information and files, there are opportunities for IT professionals in just about every industry.

Computer network architect, information security analyst, database administrator, network and computer systems administrator, web developer and computer support specialist are just a few of the opportunities open to candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in information technology, according to U.S. News & World Report. All of these IT professionals enjoy median salaries well above the median salary for all occupations. The information technology industry is also seeing faster than average job growth in a number of these roles.

Now that you know what information technology is and what to expect from a degree program or career in the field, you can decide if this path is for you – and if so, which bachelor’s in IT degree program will help you achieve your goals.