As you decide what major is right for you, you might wonder what you would study in an online marketing degree program. Most online marketing degree programs include a blend of core courses in marketing and sales methods and data analysis while also allowing students the freedom to take elective courses that are relevant to their interests and career aspirations.

Core Marketing Courses

Core courses are the required classes that all students in a degree program must take. These classes can range from introductory foundational courses to advanced coursework in essential marketing subjects. In a marketing degree program, many of the core courses focus on teaching students how consumers think and behave and how they can use that information to persuade consumers to make desired purchasing decisions, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Marketing core courses often include classes such as consumer behavior, principles of advertising, sales techniques, marketing research, strategic marketing, brand communications, marketing management, professional selling, retail sales promotion, direct marketing and multinational marketing.

Among the subjects you will study in an online marketing degree program are general business courses, according to U.S. News & World Report. Be prepared to take courses such as accounting, business law and economics.

Data Courses in Marketing Degree Programs

A degree program in marketing combines the psychological and creative aspects of the field with quantitative aspects. For this reason, a number of the subjects you study in an online marketing degree program involve finance, statistics and analytics. The skills students learn in data courses help them research market conditions and quantify their performance.

Related Electives for Marketing Students

If you want to use your marketing knowledge for a purpose outside of the traditional scope of sales and marketing, then you should look for elective courses that will equip you with valuable skills. For example, if you want to work as a public relations specialist, taking elective courses in public relations will be beneficial. Students who aspire to start their own businesses should pursue courses in entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in a niche field of marketing, sales or advertising, some of the subjects you study in an online marketing degree program may include social media marketing strategy or e-commerce.

 Marketing Internship Opportunities

Having real-world experience can be invaluable to success in the field of marketing. To help students gain experience, many online marketing degree programs offer the opportunity to complete an internship for college credit. Some degree programs make completing an internship a graduation requirement.

Success in the field of marketing requires knowledge in a combination of subjects, from sales and promotional techniques to general business concepts and from data analysis to real-world work experience. When you choose a highly rated online college, the subjects you study in an online marketing degree program will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in a variety of marketing career paths.

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