Most master’s in accounting degree programs include a set of core courses that provide the foundation for the advanced business and accounting knowledge you will attain as a graduate student. Online degree programs are no exception. If you’re considering earning a master’s in accounting degree online, then you will study a variety of accounting topics as well as general business classes.

Advanced Accounting Classes

Advanced levels of accounting, auditing, financial reporting and taxation are among the most common core courses offered at master’s in accounting programs across the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.

In their advanced accounting courses, graduate students may study accounting from a number of different perspectives. They may learn about both managerial and financial accounting. Students might learn about specific types of accounting, like advanced cost accounting and fund accounting. They may also take courses that prepare them for accounting roles with different entities, such as public and not-for-profit accounting. Some master’s in accounting degree programs may include a focus on accounting information systems.

Students also study the principles and practices of auditing through courses such as advanced auditing theory and management control and auditing. Some institutions offer master’s in accounting students the opportunity to take additional auditing courses and graduate with a concentration in auditing. Students learn advanced practices of conveying financial information through courses like financial statement reporting or financial statement analysis and report writing.

Taxation is another subject commonly found among master’s in accounting programs’ core curricula. It’s also an academic concentration available at many institutions. As you pursue your master’s in accounting degree, you may be required to take taxation classes such as corporate tax decisions and strategies. You may also have the option to take many other taxation-related courses.

Building a Background in Business

In addition to accounting-specific courses, many master’s in accounting programs also require or at least encourage students to take general graduate-level business classes. These classes often range from leadership and management to business communications and from ethical issues in business and accounting to economics for global decision makers.

CPA Preparation

In addition to these core classes, some of the top online master’s in accounting programs in the United States also include a focus on preparing to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and attain certification. Many students enroll in master’s in accounting programs at least partly to satisfy the CPA requirement that applicants have at least 150 credits of college study prior to sitting for the exam. Since the CPA exam is notoriously difficult, a number of online master’s in accounting stress CPA preparation as either an academic option or a requirement to graduate.

Of course, different programs have different requirements, including core classes. If you choose an accredited, highly-rated program, you’ll come away with an advanced education in accounting, auditing and general business that will prepare you for career success.