A master’s in educational research is a valuable degree to have these days. Having completed it, you’ve proven a substantial knowledge-base in all things relating to research work and its relation to education or academics. Now it’s time to find the career that’s just right for you. With a master’s in education research, you can attain any of the following five jobs in addition to plenty of others.

Director of Trial Programming

There are many products and services out there that are geared toward education, teaching, tutoring, or some other form of academics. Before many of these are introduced to the public for common availability, they are put through any number of trials and tests so as to confirm or deny various components of their efficacy and marketability. In such trial and test programs, many professionals may play a part, but all answer to the director of those endeavors. It is the job of this person, the director of trial programming, therefore, to essentially oversee all aspects of such trials and tests.

Educational Consultant

Today’s educational consultant is another great example of job opportunities made available by the Master’s Degree in Educational Research. In this position, one is called on for consultation services, or the giving of professional advice, by any client in need of it. Many choose to work for a larger consultation group in such a job while others go out and actually do their own, independent consulting. Clients here can vary from private and public schools, to tutoring services and even educational product manufacturers.

Market Research and Outcomes Director

In emerging educational services specifically, there is often an attributed array of research done on any potential service before it becomes available. The research and outcomes group is thus the group of professionals designated to create such services via the use of science, research, and statistical facts. Over this group of researchers is the market research and outcomes director. This is the manager of the group.

Director of Student Life

A director of student life is a professional who administers the residential interface of student life on campus. This director often chooses who is able to get a dorm and who cannot. They regulate rules and their enforcement with regard to those living on campus. They also act as a valuable communication and advisory point between the student, their family, college staff, and the entirety of the on-campus living situation.

Data Analyst

Graduation with such high abilities in research is extremely important to many organizations that deal with educational and non-education-related data alike. Data analysts are those who work with researchers in these organizations to then receive and later interpret sets of information. While a bachelor’s degree can open some basic opportunities in data analysis, a master’s really gets one into the most important positions here.

The research work of past educational fact absolutely makes a more informed future possible. These five jobs are just a small sample of those available doing this kind of work with such a degree. To learn even more about jobs involving the master’s in educational research as well as the field of educational research itself, you are highly recommended to followup further with the National Center for Education Research.

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