If you work well with others, communicate effectively and make good decisions, there are plenty of jobs you can do with a human resources management degree. Depending on where you find employment, you may end up working in hiring, benefits administration, contract negotiations, consulting or some combination of these roles. In any of these capacities, you will work toward the goal of attaining, developing and retaining a company’s most valuable resource – the workers who keep the company running day in and day out so it can stay in business.


Probably the number-one job duty you can you can do with a human resources management degree is recruit new talent to your firm. Human resources managers handle the applicant screening process, the interviewing process, the selection process and the hiring process, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported.  When new employees start, human resources managers get them set up with orientation programs, employment documents, training and benefit information.

Benefits Administration

Speaking of benefits, some human resources managers devote their careers to benefits administration. They make sure that employees receive – and understand – the benefits offered by the employer. A human resources manager may keep track of information like how much paid time off the worker has and how much he or she has used. He or she may also coordinate meetings and workshops that allow employees to learn more about company benefits, such as retirement plans and medical insurance plans.

Contract Negotiations

Sometimes hiring a new employee isn’t as simple as asking if the candidate wants the job. Specializing in contract negotiations is one thing you can do with a human resources management degree. HR managers who work in contract negotiations recognize that the employment offer must be beneficial to both sides if it will lead to a productive and lasting work relationship. They can help the employer and the job candidate figure out what tradeoffs they are willing to make and reach a compromise. A human resources manager may also draft a legal employment contract that captures this agreement.


Not all human resources managers work for the companies they’re assisting. Some work as consultants, helping businesses to improve productivity by hiring and retaining the right talent. Consulting is one job you can do with a human resources management degree and a good deal of work experience. Many companies want help recruiting, training and evaluating team members as well as providing the kind of workplace environment that makes good employees want to stick around.

Some huge companies have large human resources teams, where a human resources manager might be responsible for just a single aspect of human resources. On the other hand, a human resources manager at a small business may handle every HR-related job duty as well as other administrative tasks. When it comes to what you can do with a human resources management degree,

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