When it comes to finding a school that’s the right fit for you, you need to know about the admissions requirements for the online master’s in public health degree program you’re considering.

Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited School

You must earn your bachelor’s degree before you begin pursuing a graduate degree. Some master’s programs might look for your undergraduate college to have a specific type of accreditation, like regional rather than national accreditation, to show that it meets high standards of quality.

Some Master in Public Health degree programs, like University of North Carolina’s, specifically look for mathematics training. However, they may not specify a particular academic major. Because public health is an interdisciplinary field, having a strong educational background in natural and social sciences can be helpful. In some programs, students may need to take introductory prerequisite courses.

Past Grades

Undergraduate GPA is another common admissions requirement for online master’s in public health degree programs. Certain schools are more selective when it comes to your GPA than others. For example, Des Moines University requires applicants to its Master of Public Health degree program to have at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Capella University has a lower minimum GPA requirement of 2.7. Having a high GPA is beneficial, but excelling in other areas can make up for less-than-perfect grades.

Public Health Experience

Some online colleges, like Des Moines University, prefer applicants who already have experience in the field of public health. If you have a different professional background, this particular program might not be right for you.

However, experience isn’t an admissions requirement for all online master’s in public health degree programs. Some require only that students complete prerequisite courses, if they didn’t take similar classes while earning their bachelor’s degree in another major.

Your Essay or Statement

Your transcript and résumé show what you’ve done in school and at work. However, your essay or personal statement is a chance to show what you want to do and how earning your degree will help. Some form of an essay or statement is an admissions requirement for many online master’s in public health degree programs.

Letters of Recommendation

What you say isn’t the only thing that matters. Some colleges also want to know what others – professors, supervisors, personal friends – say about you. Some programs require students to submit letters of recommendation or character references. Pay attention to what kind of recommendation the school is looking for.

Remember, the college selection process isn’t about getting into the “best” school, but about finding the school that’s the best choice for you. In fact, college selectivity isn’t an accurate measure of quality, Forbes reported. When you’re learning about the admissions requirements for an online master’s in public health degree program, don’t be deterred simply because a school is known to be selective – or not selective enough.

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