If you’re wondering how long it takes to complete an RN to BSN program online, there’s good news. Online students have a good deal of control over how soon they can graduate with their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students who want to finish their education as soon as possible can take advantage of the numerous online accelerated programs that allow them to complete their studies in a shorter amount of time. On the other hand, students who can’t commit to studying full-time can look for a part-time online program that will allow them to make progress toward their degree at their own pace.

Earning a BSN Degree Quickly

Generally speaking, it takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students who earned an associate’s degree while preparing to become an RN would need an additional two years of study to complete the requirements for a BSN degree.

However, how long it really takes to complete an RN to BSN program online depends on the school and program you choose. At some of the top programs in the country, students can shave months – or even years – off of the time it would normally take to earn their degree. At Arizona State University, for example, online RN to BSN students can earn their degree in 18 months. In fact, some ambitious students complete the degree requirements in just 13 and a half months.

Earning Your BSN Degree at Your Own Pace

If you’re not sure you have the time to study full-time and be successful, then an accelerated program is decidedly not the right fit for your situation. However, an online education could still be a great choice for you. Many online nursing degree programs offer part-time study options, and some are specifically designed for working professionals who can’t afford to leave their careers just to continue their education. How long it takes to complete an RN to BSN program online when studying part-time depends on how many courses you’re able to take at a time. It could take years longer than a full-time student would take to earn the degree – but studying part-time can help you balance career, education and family responsibilities.

BSN Coursework

Choosing an accelerated degree program will result in a more intensive workload, while a part-time study option will allow you to work toward your degree at a more leisurely pace. No matter how long it takes you to complete an RN to BSN program online, however, the subjects you study will be the same. Most online Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs include coursework in subjects like nursing concepts and applications, anatomy, biology, chemistry, psychology and sociology, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Ultimately, how long it takes you to complete an RN to BSN program online matters less than how well that program prepares you for a successful career.

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