Many students pursuing their nursing degree are working hard to enter the field of travel nursing. The idea of helping patients and other healthcare professionals in an expansive field where professionals can work by day and experience new regions of the world by night excites the free spirit. Another attractive incentive to travel the U.S. and the globe working professionally as a nurse is the financial perks and high pay.

Many nursing students balance their studies, their practical hours, and even jobs all while having the obligation to take care of their families. While it’s possible, many say that they would prefer to stay single and focused on their coursework while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The question that comes to mind once a nurse gets entry-level experience and is offered a position at a travel nursing agency is whether or not they need to stay single to flourish in their career.

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How Does It Work?

Most agencies that work closely with doctor offices and hospitals to determine what the facilities’ needs are for skilled temporary nurses who specialize in different areas of medicine. Nurses who have applied to be given assignments from the agency will then be matched to positions based on the region they are located, their preference, their education, and their experience.

Most traveling assignments can last anywhere from 2 months to 6 months or more. There are also assignments where the need for the temporary nurse will extend past the assignment. In these scenarios, the agency will either find another nurse to contract, or the facility will ask if the nurse is willing to renew their contract with the same or modified terms.

How Much Experience is Needed?

Being an on-the-go professional can strain any relationship. Anyone who is in a serious relationship or who is married should consider both the pros and the cons of taking on a travel assignment before committing to such a drastic life change. Since most agencies will want nurses to have at least 1 to 2 years of clinical experience before signing up to take on work, it is easy to start a relationship while working locally and then things can get flipped upside down.

Some might not get offered assignments right away because of limited availability. It’s best for prospective traveling nurses to set realistic expectations with their partners if their relationship is new. If their intentions of traveling aren’t mentioned, it could be a cause for a strain. Supportive partners will be excited to hear that their loved one has the drive to experience new places and further their career, even if they are away for a few months.

Who Pays For The Traveling Expenses?

Many wonder whether or not they could take their loved one with them on assignments and the answer depends on their career and the type of housing that is set up. A nurse’s expenses to move to the region where they will be working will be paid for by the agency, however, expenses for anyone coming with them will not be covered.

Nurses who are not single should look into the type of housing offered by the agency. Some will set the housing up before the assigned professional arrives, including all furniture. Other agencies offer their contractors the option to take a stipend so that they can find their own housing. For nurses with families, this is the best option.

According to, traveling nurses have the potential to make over $50 an hour and have their housing paid for if they possess the specialties needed by the market. Travel nursing also provides great experience to be added to a resume. Earning a nursing degree takes time but most don’t have to put their romantic life on hold just to pursue travel nursing.